103B Hot Works


No eating or drinking. Three horizontal lines representing a sandwich alongside a cup with straw.
No Food or Drink
Due to the presence of hazardous materials in the lab, food and drink consumption is prohibited.
General prohibition sign. Red circle with diagonal slash.
No Working Alone
Users of the space must always have a buddy present.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Wear eye protection. Human head (front view) wearing eye protection.

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses must be worn at all times.
Wear a face shield. Human head (left-hand profile) wearing a face shield.
A face shield must be worn when using a grinder.
Wear protective gloves. Two protective gloves, one shown in front, the other shown behind (outlined).
Protective Gloves 
Appropriate protective gloves are required when welding, cutting with the PAC or torch, or using a grinder.
Wear a welding mask. Human head (left-hand profile) wearing a welding mask.

Welding Helmet

Welding helmet are required when welding. "Five Shade" face shields are required when using the PAC or oxy cutting.
Use protective apron. Human figure with an apron.
Welding Coat
Welding coats are required when using open flames, welders, or grinders.
Secure gas cylinders. Falling gas cylinder causing crush, explosion or release of gas. Upper part of gas cylinder, chain.
Secure Gas Cylinders
All gas cylinders must be installed in a machine, chained to a trolley, or chained to a wall to prevent crush, explosion, or gas release.
General mandatory action sign; Risk to people not following the mandatory action specified by the supplementary sign. Exclamation mark.

Fume Extraction Equipment Must be Used

Use of fume extraction equipment is required, refer to SOPs for details.


Warning; Optical radiation. Star with 11 points with circle in centre.
Optical Radiation
Welders produce bright lights that can damage eyes. Wear the appropriate eye protection.
Warning; Electricity. Lightning bolt.
High Voltage
High voltage electricity is present in the lab. Do not service machines and report exposed wires.
Warning; Hot surface. Three parallel, vertical, s-shaped lines above a horizontal straight line.

Hot Surfaces

The tips of welders, cutters, grinders, and work pieces are extremely hot after use. Do not touch them until they are cool. Always assume something is hot before picking it up.
Warning; Sharp element. Bandaged hand above a vertical line with a point.
Sharp Implements & Rotating Blades
The grinder and chop saw have rotating heads and blades that could snag clothing. Keep fingers clear of rotating tools and minimize snag risks.
Warning; Asphyxiating atmosphere. Human figure (right-hand profile) sitting, legs straight, head bent forward and arms hanging, dots around the head and upper body and into the lungs.

Hazardous Fumes

Welding uses and creates hazardous fumes. Make sure fume hood is in place before beginning to weld.
Warning; Pressurized cylinder. Cylinder at angle with radiating triangular lines and irregular shapes, flame and horizontal line underneath.
Pressurized Cylinders
Many of the operations in Hot Works require various gasses in pressurized cylinders.
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