B011 Electronics



No Food or Drink 

When hazardous materials are being handled in the lab, food and drink consumption is prohibited. 



Safety Glasses

Safety glasses must be worn while soldering, operating the PCB mill, handling chemicals, or using hand tools.  


Protective Gloves 

Nitrile protective gloves must be worn while handling hazardous materials such as fiberglass PCBs, chemicals, or other electronic debris. 



Hot Surfaces

Soldering irons, hot air guns, preheating plates, and reflow ovens generate significant amounts of heat and regularly exceed temperatures of 200 degrees Celsius during operation. Similarly, many electrical components can become hot when powered on.  


Poisonous Substances

Solder and solder paste contain lead and other heavy metals which are toxic. Appropriate PPE and fume mitigation should be used when soldering. Additionally, many circuit boards contain fiberglass or other compounds with toxic properties and should be handled with caution.  

ISO Hazard Sign for Pinching

Entanglement & Pinching

Rotating machinery in the lab may present entanglement and pinching hazards during operation. This includes the PCB mill spindles and vacuum pumps 


Combustible & Flammable Materials 

Many of the materials frequently utilized in the space present flammability hazards, especially when using alcohol or ethanol-based cleaners or heated tools such as soldering irons.