Wood Working


Woodworking at the Bechtel Center is a combination of modern and traditional woodworking techniques, aided by tools, equipment, and student guidance to give the best result when turning ideas into reality. Projects can be completed using saws and simple hand tools, and others use the gantry sheet router and more advanced woodworking designs and techniques. Visit our Get Started page to connect with a peer mentor and begin your woodworking project!

What can I do in the Wood Shop?

  • Circuit by Sumit Saengthong from NounProject.com

    Woodworking by Hand

  • Whittling

  • Sanding

  • Soldering by Ian Rahmadi Kurniawan from NounProject.com

    Cutting Wood and Plastic Stock

  • Drilling Holes in Wood and Plastic Stock

  • Routing

Example Projects

Pinewood Derby Car

Workshop created by Alyssa F., 2021

The parts of this project were:

  • Nails (spokes for the wheels)
  • Paper (for drawing out an engineering diagram)
  • Pre-manufactured wheels
  • Wooden block
  • Sandpaper

Machines used for this project:

  • Vertical bandsaw
  • Belt sander
  • Design

    0.5 hours- it may take longer if you want to create a complex car

  • Marking Design onto Wooden Block

    0.5 hours

  • Cutting Out Rough Shape on the Vertical Bandsaw

    0.33 hours

  • Sanding the Car on the Belt Sander

    0.33 hours

  • Sanding by Hand

    0.5 hours

  • Painting

    0.5 hours

  • Clean-Up and 5-Minute Shop Job

    25 minutes- Cleaning and throwing away wood scraps and dust, sweeping, putting all things back in their places, and 5-minute shop job