Waterjet Cutting


The waterjet cutting machine is in BIDC 103 - Manufacturing

Cut just about any sheet material – from wood to titanium – to your specifications. There are just a few limitations on the types of material you can use, so make sure you review all information carefully!

Basic rules for the Waterjet Machine

  • You must have previously completed the badge on passport for the waterjet cutter (proof will be required to use the waterjet)
  • A BIDC TA must be present during the setup of the waterjet. Incorrect setup may damage the machine or lead to poor cutting.
  • It helps to have extra material on the sides to clamp the stock. An inch of additional material on all sides is acceptable.
  • Waterjet cutting can be a dusty process - be prepared with appropriate clothing.
  • Do not tamper with any settings on the waterjet, or you will be asked to leave.
  • You must dry the nearby floor using mops, clean and dry the clamps and the machine and take out any remaining material once your job is done.
  • Set up on the waterjet may take longer than actually cutting the part so factor that in while estimating the time required for your job.
  • Ask questions if you need help.


Flow MACH 2 2020c

  • Cut speed of upto 20 m/min
  • Linear Straightness accuracy 0.07 mm/m
  • Repeatability 0.05 mm
  • X axis travel 6.5 feet, Y axis travel 6.5 feet and Z axis travel 6 inch
  • Can cut almost all soft and hard materials ranging from wood to Titanium as long as it is in the form of a sheet
  • Consult with TA for cutting metal parts thicker than 1.5 inch or for cutting special metals/alloys which are very hard. A test cut is recommended in such cases.

Materials that can’t be cut on Waterjet

  • Toxic materials e.g. lead – our waterjet dumps excess water into the environment
  • Unknown materials – see above
  • Tempered Glass
  • Diamond