Volunteer management team

While a traditional school of music would have several graduate students to help with the department, or a high school with their band parent organizations, Purdue Bands & Orchestras students are the main workforce. Whether it’s distributing and maintaining marching band uniforms, amplifying a four-piece rhythm section in the middle of a football field, or giving tours to prospective students, these volunteers spend countless hours devoting their time to improve our department.

Clothing & Uniform

The Clothing & Uniform Team handles all of the Purdue “All-American” Marching Band uniforms and its accessories, as well as the tuxedos used by the Wind Ensemble and Philharmonic Orchestra. They oversee distribution, hemming, dry cleaning, inventory, and up keep of all of our clothing items.


The Library Team handles all of Purdue Bands & Orchestras paper music needs. They maintain a catalog of countless pieces band, orchestra, jazz, and marching band music that are copied and printed for each student for use in class. They also work to digitize our library for long term preservation and ease of use.

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Awareness

The IDEA Team works to promote equity within the department through informational talks from distinguished speakers as well as other social and informational events for students to attend.

Operations & Logistics

The Ops Team is the stage crew of the department. Usually working behind the scenes, these students ensure that equipment is ready for game day, concerts, and other department events.


The Outreach Team handles many alumni relation tasks for the department, including “Thank You” notes for our donors, assisting with alumni events, as well as assisting in stewardship and general communication with our alumni and donors.

Student Life

The Student Life team is tasked with being Ambassadors to the department. They provide tours to prospective students as well as organizing social events for current students.

Supply & Equipment

The Supply team manages all university owned instruments and lockers. Tasks such as distribution, maintenance, and overall upkeep of our inventory falls under their scope.


The Technology team supports the department in all facets of electronic and technological needs. Concert recordings, live concert mixing, event videos, promotional material, as well as the AAMB lighting project are among the major tasks given to this team.