Student Organizations & Involvement Funding

Purdue student activities & organizations are not funded through a University-wide activities fee. Only the Purdue Student Government receives a direct subsidy from the University budget. Most student organizations are funded through membership dues and/or fund-raising activities.

Looking for other funding options? See additional sources below:

  • SOGA – The Student Organization Grant Allocation Board distributes funds to student organizations recognized through the Student Activities & Organizations office, supporting their activities, events, travel, and services. SOGA is a Student Resource initiative supported by Purdue Student Government.  Learn more and apply here.
  • Community Service Student Grant – Facilitated by the Office of Engagement, this program provides grants to Purdue students or student organizations for community service projects. Grant amounts range from $100-$1500. Learn more and apply here.
  • Co-Sponsorships – Organizations can collaborate and co-sponsor events with another student organization, including Purdue Student Government and Purdue Student Union Board.
  • Indiana Campus Compact Community Service Mini-Grants – Each grant offers students the opportunity to gain funding for service projects designed in collaboration with community organizations to meet real community needs. $100-$1000 is awarded for project supplies, materials, and some transportation and food costs. Applications are considered on a rolling basis and are due the 15th of each month. Learn more and apply here.