Information for New Students

The first semester studying in a new culture is an exciting adventure.

Students are curious about life in their new host culture and are eager to make friends with local residents, and the International Friendship Program (IFP) provides a way for them to do just that.

IFP is an optional program offered to all new international students.

Student participants are paired with community host volunteers who strive to meet about once a month during the student's first semester at Purdue.

The relationships that are formed help to provide the support students need to be successful.

Learning about the program

All new international students will receive an email with an "ISS checklist" prior to arriving on campus in June/July (fall semester), or November/December (spring semester). Students can click on IFP link in the checklist, complete the steps to join IFP and begin their new cross-cultural friendship with an American host/family. 

Benefits for students

  • Meet and make friends with local residents.
  • Learn more about American culture.
  • Practice English in a safe setting.
  • Get better acquainted with Greater Lafayette.
  • Participate in local cultural activities with others.

Key points to know

  • Students do not live with hosts in this program.
  • Hosts have no legal, financial or housing obligations to their student guests.
  • Friendship hosts and their students schedule their own meeting times.
  • IFP provides activities throughout the year for participants to enjoy together.
  • Hosts will provide transportation as needed.

Steps to join IFP


The Spring 2024 IFP sign up has closed. Sign-ups for Fall 2024 IFP will open in June.

At any time in the process, students can email questions to the IFP coordinator at