Information for New IFP Hosts

IFP is a friendship program pairing local community volunteers and their families with new international Boilermakers for support and friendship.

Hosts in IFP are community residents represent a cross-section of people living in the Greater Lafayette area, and are from all walks of life. Some hosts have families with young children, some are empty nesters, some are single working professionals, while others are retired couples. Many are connected to Purdue.

IFP hosts like to engage with people from all over the world. They love sharing cultures with others and welcoming newcomers. They are thoughtful givers in practical ways.

Photo caption: IFP Host, Mary McKeever enjoys ethnic dishes from around the world with her IFP partner and friends.

Photo caption: IFP Host, Mary McKeever enjoys ethnic dishes from around the world with her IFP partner and friends.

All are difference makers.

Hosts enjoy helping new international students settle into their new community.  They also enjoy including students in their own activities with families and friends and participate with them in local events.

IFP hosts do not provide housing, and there are no legal or financial obligations. Hosts simply meet up monthly with their assigned students for friendship and conversation over the course of a semester.

IFP volunteer hosts are matched with new international students at the beginning of each semester with the largest cohort of students beginning their studies at Purdue in August.

Steps to Become a Host


Step 1: View the above video about New Host Orientation.


Step 2: Watch the Host Signup Instructions above.

Step 3: Complete host online registration.

Within five to ten business days you will be notified of your selection into IFP and receive info about your assigned student guest. At any time in the process, email questions about IFP to

Many friendships continue beyond program end.

There is no pressure to continue meeting after the student's first semester. But many IFP friendships do continue throughout the time students are at Purdue and some continue well past graduation.  

Be a difference maker and join the IFP community!

There really is no better time to join IFP than right now. Your warm welcome to a new international student or scholar can make all the difference in their adjustment and feeling at home here.