Jordan Oshiro (Native Hawaiian)

Sloan Foundation Indigenous Graduate Partnership

SIGP Calendar of Events

August 2014

       August 25                  Classes Begin
       August 28                  Sloan Seminar
                                                Semester overview - Kevin Gibson

September 2014

       September 1              Labor Day - No Classes
       September 4              Sloan Seminar
       September 11            Sloan Seminar
       September 18            Sloan Seminar
       September 25            Sloan Seminar

October 2014

       October 2                  Sloan Semniar
       October 9                  Sloan Seminar
       October 13-14           October  Break
       October 16                Sloan Seminar
       October 23                Sloan Seminar
       October 30                Sloan Seminar

November 2014

       November 6               Billy Mills Presentation
                                                7:00 PM, Sports Rec Center
      November 20               Sloan Seminar
      November 26-29          Thanksgiving Break

December 2014

       December 4               Sloan Seminar
       December 13             Classes End
       December 15-20         Final Exams
       December 21             Commencement 



NAECC means family. A place to go to relax, socialize and have fun as well as an opportunity to discuss daily stress, get support, whether academic or otherwise.

         -- Bill Pfeifer (Tlingit), M.S. Computer Science

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earn Ph.D.'s, and what colleges
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Contact Information:

Ken Ridgway, Ph.D., (Lenape)
Faculty, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Science 
Phone: (765) 494-3296

Kevin Gibson, Ph.D.
Faculty, Botany and Plant Pathology
Phone: (765) 496-2161

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation