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¡Todos Son Bienvenidos! All Are Welcome!

The Latino Cultural Center at Purdue University serves as a resource to Latinos/as to celebrate and enhance understanding of the Latino culture through history, accomplishments, growth, and empowerment. In serving this mission, the LCC strives to build a community for Latino/a Boilermakers and alumni to share their ideas and experiences to enhance cultural awareness to the Purdue University campus and beyond. The LCC strives to provide leadership through programs that enhance advocacy, values, and customs that will lead to the continued recruitment, retention, and graduation of Latino/a students. Through these efforts, the LCC is committed to helping Latino/a students develop the leadership skills needed to take into their communities to promote and share the Latino culture. Overall, the LCC serves the entire student body, faculty/staff, alumni, and friends to share, educate, and enhance Latino/a culture.


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August 30 - Latino Leadership Retreat (All Day @ France A Cordova Recreational Sports Center)

September 2nd - Embajadores Callout (6pm @ BRNG 1268)

September 2nd - Mentor Program Callout (7pm @ BRNG 1268)

September 6th - Sabrina Lastman Trio Conert  (7pm @ Haan Mansion Museum of Indiana Art)

September 12th - LCC Open House (4pm - 6pm @ LCC)

September 15th - "The End of Don't Ask Don't Tell" (7pm @ Fowler Hall)

September 19th - Delta Phi Mu Heritage Show (7pm @ Fowler Hall)

September 20th - Orgullo De Purdue (10am - 12pm @ LCC)

October 7th - Latino Heritage Month Keynote Speaker:  Sonia Manzano (7pm @ Stewart Center)