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Student Spotlight

1. What is your hometown?
2. What was your High School/Graduation Year?
Arsenal Technical High School, Class of 2012
3. What is your major and college?
Industrial Technology in the College of Technology
4. What are your Campus involvement and School affiliations?
Minority of Technology - Social Chair
College of Technology Student Ambassador
Bolier Menotor Program - Mentor
5. In three words describe Science Bound
Resourceful, Helpful, Adaptable
6. What is your favorite thing about Purdue?
My favorite thing about Purdue is the amount of people who are on campus. I love that I can literally meet a new person everyday.
7. Any advice for future students?
Something important that I had to learn was to take responsibility.
More specifically doing whatever I wanted regardless of the consequences because my
parents or teachers were there to fix it. That was a bad habit. Learn to be
accountable for yourself and learn self-discipline.

Mel'Dre King


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