Who We Are

Our Mission

Student Life Marketing provides marketing and communication services for Student Life departments and units. We focus on crafting student-centered communications showcasing on Student Life’s impact on the Purdue campus experience.

We strive to create smart, honest and intentional work from a team with diverse points of view, knowledge, and skills, while acting as a learning laboratory for student intern staff.

Our Staff

Andi Hedrick

Andi Hedrick

Project Coordinator

When a project request is made, I look over it to make sure that all information that is needed is there. If needed, I serve as a liaison between clients and other marketing team members. I make sure that all print aspects of a job are complete. I also make sure the office is properly stocked with any office/marketing materials.  

Relevant Professional Experience: Worked in various offices at Purdue for 15 years. Prior to that, I worked Payroll and Accounts Payable for Menards. 

Extracurriculars: My family restores antique tractors and take them to various shows. We also host a tractor show in June.  

Certifications:  2018 Graduate of the ACE program, Safe Zone, Green Zone, QPR, Adult Mental Health First Aid USA. Have also been told I am certifiable on several occasions, but the people never said in what, so I am guessing it wasn’t a compliment. 

Accomplishments/Awards: Won the spelling bee in third grade. Beat my opponent on the word Dieter thanks to the “I before E” rule of spelling, which is a weird rule. I have also been the recipient of two Bravo awards. 

Fun Fact: I have seven kids - Sue, John, Allis, Gladys, Hank, Oliver and Mac. 

I have two children AJ and Jessi. 

I also serve as the office Morale Officer (it is a real thing in the Military, Google it).

Quote: I put the average in grade point average.  

Jackie Perkins

Jackie Perkins

Marketing Director

I focus on marketing and communication planning as well as project management and direction of the Student Life Marketing department. I serve as the lead marketing consultant for Student Life leadership and get the opportunity to serve on the steering committee for our campus well-being initiative, Steps to Leaps.

Relevant Professional Experience: I have 14+ years at Purdue in marketing and communications. Proud Purdue alumni twice!

Extracurriculars: Being a mom, PROUD Purdue sports fan and season ticket holder and aspiring master gardener.

Certifications: Six Sigma Green Belt, Safe Zone, Green Zone, Trans Inclusion, QPR and I always enjoy a good LinkedIn Learning course.

Accomplishments/Awards: A few of the things I’m most proud of is the various ADDY awards and Hermes awards our interns have won during their time with our department. Received the Rising Star award from NCI-AAF.

Fun Fact: I met John Denver when I was in 4th grade.

Danielle Fawbush headshot photo

Danielle Fawbush

Content & Creative Director

I serve as the team web lead, overseeing website creative, front end development, information architecture, UX, ADA compliance and analyze / provide metrics for several websites, email campaigns and newsletters in Student Life. I work closely with our web designer and oversee the Student Life photography area and its interns. I also serve on the Steps to Leaps updates committee and as primary ITSL web liaison for the department.

Relevant Professional Experience: I have 12+ years at Purdue in Student Life marketing (under various names) and 26+ years of marketing and communications experience. Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communications Design from Purdue. 
Extracurriculars: Purdue mom, keeping up with my current senior, BoilerUP! Working in my yard could be a full-time job but you can’t buy groceries with flowers.

Certifications:  Safe Zone, Green Zone and QPR.   

Accomplishments/Awards: I have received some Addys, Bravos and an AVA digital award for creative work during my time at Purdue. I am most proud of receiving the AAF's Mosaic Award, "whose recipients have displayed their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion through creative work, advocacy, and company-wide initiatives."

Fun Fact: I won the Arni's pizza eating contest in third grade.  

Favorite Quote: “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” ~ Dr. Seuss  

Jared West

Jared West

Senior Communication Strategist

I focus on marketing and communications planning for Student Life. This includes strategy, implementation and analysis of results.

Relevant Professional Experience: I’ve worked in web development, marketing and communications for 20+ years, with more than 10 of those years at Purdue. My bachelor’s degree is in computer graphics technology, and I’m one course away from finishing my master’s in technology and leadership innovation. 

Extracurriculars: Estate sale treasure hunting, reading/writing fiction, retro electronics and hiking. 

Certifications: Safe Zone and Responsible Conduct of Research.

Accomplishments/Awards: Received Letter of Congratulations from the Provost, Thumbs Up mention in Purdue Today. Wrote a whole novel once—didn’t get famous but I was proud of it. Cat dad. Cool uncle. 

Fun Fact: I developed and programmed a game for the Atari 2600 that was the top selling game for that console in the year 2018. You not be aware that new Atari 2600 games are still being created in the 21st century and wonder who in their right mind would want to buy such a thing. Well, to paraphrase Douglas Adams: “The trade hung on by its fingernails because in a large enough population there is always a significant number of people who are not in their right minds.” 

Quote: “There is a Japanese term: Mono no aware. Roughly translated, it refers to the sad beauty of seeing time pass and the aching awareness of impermanence. These are the days to which we shall return only in future memories.” – The Midnight 


Kayla Clark

Kayla Clark

Graphic Designer

I design print marketing collateral and digital graphics for web, social and digital displays. I oversee Student Life digital displays and assist student multimedia design interns.

Relevant Professional Experience: Six years of professional graphic design experience, a three-year SLM student internship alumnus. Holds a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications Design from Purdue University. 

Extracurriculars: I enjoy cross-stitching, going to the gym, reading and following/interacting with YouTube content creators in the online pop culture law community and skincare/beauty community. I have a nice houseplant collection and love to learn and discover new species to add to my own collection, as well as a curated eyeshadow collection from small indie makeup brands. 

Certifications: QPR, Safe Zone training in progress and FourWinds Interactive Self Authoring Essentials Certification. 

Accomplishments/Awards: I have won a variety of MarCom ADDY’s awards and Hermes awards for graphic design while interning with Student Life Marketing, and two Bravo Awards since becoming a full-time staff member. However since 2020, my biggest sense of pride and accomplishment has been my new-found title of Cat Mom. In my free time I enjoy life with my two adopted tabbies, Cheddar and Bleu, jointly referred to as “the cheeseheads” by friends and family. Oh, did I mention I’m allergic to cats? Yeah, I am one dedicated Cat Mom and I apologize for the chronically congested nostrils. 

Fun Fact: I will try to respond on Microsoft Teams and Outlook with a gif from The Office wherever appropriately possible. Dwight is number one. 

Quote: “I am ready to face any challenges that might be foolish enough to face me.” – Dwight Kurt Shrute 

Matt Vader

Matt Vader


I create and edit written content for digital, social and print marketing. Primary projects include the annual Student Life magazine (Perspectives), monthly newsletters, email marketing, press releases, feature stories and website copy. 

Relevant Professional Experience: Five years of professional athletic communications experience prior to coming to Purdue in November 2017. Holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Western Michigan University. Also wrote for a monthly sports magazine and held an athletic communications internship for three years as a student.  

Extracurriculars: Enjoys hiking, cycling, road trips, airshows, building model aircraft, petting good dogs, reading, concerts, baseball, quiet and personal space. More likely to be found outdoors enjoying rocks that are different from other rocks and thanking trees for being the way that they are. Has not owned a TV since 2017.  

Certifications: Green Zone, QPR, Safe Zone, and UNH PowerPlay Interactive Development.

Accomplishments/Awards: Won the school geography bee in fifth grade. I had fame, glory and a brand-new globe, but I squandered it all. Life’s been all downhill since.  

Fun Fact: Also serves as department’s Chief Hydration Officer.  

Quote: “The world isn’t so bad if you can just get out in it.” – Bill Watterson. 

Patrick Kleckner

Patrick Kleckner

Web Designer

I help with website building and maintenance. Expert Googler who can find the answer to almost any problem. 

Relevant Professional Experience: Nearly five years at Purdue and several years of freelance experience. Holds a bachelor's degree in web design and interactive multimedia. 

Extracurriculars: Trying to get my YouTube home feed back to what it was before the algorithm decided that watching one video of how to change a light socket meant that I needed to see EVERY video of how to change a light socket. 

Certifications: Mental Health First Aid and various LinkedIn Learning courses. 

Accomplishments/Awards: ADDY, AVA Digital and Bravo awards. I also once ripped off three consecutive pieces of Saran Wrap without it doing that weird clumping thing. 

Fun Fact: I built a ramp for my dogs to get onto the bed, complete with motion activated lights - until said dogs chewed the wires to the motion sensors. So now it’s just a boring old ramp.  

Yevgenia Pleshkan

Yevgenia Pleshkan

Social Media Specialist

I make memes, videos, and handle everything related to social media.  

Relevant Professional Experience: chronically online, master scroller, and 2+ years of content creation/social media experience  

Extracurriculars: traveling, watching kdramas, and learning languages. Currently learning languages #5 and #6! 

Certifications: Being Gen-Z  

Accomplishments/Awards: Getting hired honestly 

Quote: “being delulu is the solulu” - from a creator on TikTok