The Title IX Coordinator can assist students in arranging on-campus accommodations with faculty members, housing staff, or other units. Students may contact the Title IX office directly to request assistance. Students who wish to speak to discuss options with an advocate before contacting the Title IX office may contact professional staff from CARE or ODOS.

Academic Accommodations

Students who have missed classes or deadlines due to a Title IX related incident, should contact the Office of Institutional Equity. Examples of academic assistance may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Course accommodations that might include reasonable adjustments to coursework and class schedules
  • Changing class schedules so that parties do not have to share classes
  • Absence notifications or requests for Incompletes

All academic accommodations are provided with the highest level of privacy possible and only with the permission of the student. Fulfillment of academic assistance requests is at the ultimate discretion of the faculty.

Housing Accommodations

Students who are living on campus and feel unsafe in their housing accommodations due to a Title IX related concern may contact the Title IX office to request an accommodation. Housing accommodations may include:

  • Relocating a student to a different on campus housing location
  • Roommate adjustments

Any housing accommodations are subject to availability. Fee adjustments incurred as a result of a Title IX accommodation are the responsibility of the student.

Long Term Accommodations

Title IX accommodations afford the University the opportunity to act quickly on behalf of the health, well being, and safety of impacted students. While they are a helpful resources in the aftermath of a Title IX incident or during an investigation, these accommodations are intended to serve as short term remedial measures.

Students dealing with continuing mental health challenges or other difficulties should seek longer-term support through the Disability Resource Center (DRC). In addition to being available on a permanent basis, DRC accommodations are not up to the discretion of individual faculty members. Students who fail to notify instructors of approved DRC accommodations may not be able to fall back on Title IX accommodations later.

Accommodations without an Investigation

Potential Title IX Complainants may access accommodations without initiating a formal investigation or seeking an informal resolution. While Individuals seeking assistance under Title IX are not required to disclose the identity of the other party, they need to disclose some information about their experience, so the Title IX Coordinator can determine whether they qualify for assistance under the Title IX policy.