For-Credit Fun-Sized Courses

Purdue University is excited to offer multiple intensive 1-week, 1-credit opportunities for high school students during June and July. Move-in and orientation for each experience will occur on Sunday and class sessions will begin on Monday. Parents are invited to attend a closing session on Friday prior to move-out.

To apply for any of these courses, please follow these instructions to submit the Summer College for High School Students application.

The regular application deadline is June 1.

Please note that all Summer College for High School Students courses will be conducted in a virtual format for Summer 2020.

Data Science and STEM
July 5-10, 2020

From tracking activity on a wearable device to ensuring the accuracy of sports statistics, data is everywhere. The world is in need of scientists to help analyze, manipulate and act on this data. This course provides students with a unique combination of statistical analysis and computing experience as well as the chance to gain deep critical thinking skills. From healthcare to cybersecurity students will explore the impact of data and how to join one of the fastest growing career fields in the country.

*Students enrolled in this course will be required to bring a personal laptop (minimum of 8GB RAM). A limited number of computers are available for rental, students may also share.

**Indiana students who participate in the Free or Reduced School Lunch Program are eligible to apply for a reduction of the Data Science and STEM course fee that covers the application and room/board costs. For eligible Indiana students who are selected, the final cost of the course will be ($347.85). To be considered for this option you must fill out this form.

Empowering Women in Business
July 12-17, 2020

Empowering Women in Business will introduce rising high school juniors and seniors to business careers and equip them with skills that will help them navigate college life as well as future careers. The one-week residential course, targeted for young women, will provide the opportunity to:

  • Explore how their unique talents and interests can lead to a rewarding career in business
  • Create a tool kit to navigate gender challenges by engaging in confidence and empowerment role-plays
  • Experience college life by interacting with Krannert Students, Faculty, and Alumni
  • Apply their imagination to inventing a company

***Due to the generosity of Krannert School of Management sponsors, discounts of $500.00 per student will automatically be applied to reduce the cost for all participants in Empowering Women in Business. Additional need-based financial aid is available to Indiana residents who participate in the free or reduced lunch program. Complete this form to apply for additional aid.

Model United Nations (UN) Summer Workshop
July 12-17, 2020

This one week, residential course is for high school students interested in developing a deeper understanding of current global issues.  Model United Nations is an interactive exercise where students act as delegates to the United Nations and participate in mock committees.  The coursework and activities will enhance one's research, critical thinking, public speaking, and writing abilities.  The week will have students debating with other delegates, learning together through group work, developing policies, and writing resolutions. Students will research global issues such as human rights, the environment, social justice, weapons and warfare, and national sovereignty.  The Purdue Model UN Summer Workshop is an opportunity to develop leadership abilities to enhance your future.

*Financial Aid is available for Indiana residents who are participating in the free and reduced lunch program. You may apply for aid by filling out this form.

Careers in Law - This course has been cancelled for Summer 2020
July 19-24, 2020

Are you interested in a career in law, law enforcement, or legal advocacy services? A pre-professional major might be for you! The College of Liberal Arts offers pre-professional bachelor’s degrees for students interested in these fields, as well as in other professional fields like medicine.

During the one-week, one-credit Pre-Law Summer Course, you will:

  • Learn about majors from across the College of Liberal Arts
  • Participate in a variety of activities aimed at exploring careers in U.S. and international law organizations
  • Get tips from pre-professional advising staff about preparing for careers in law
  • Meet with Purdue lawyers
  • Learn about different schools of jurisprudence
  • Get a head start on writing your common application essay
  • Make friends, explore campus and participate in Purdue student traditions

*Financial Aid is available for Indiana residents who are participating in the free and reduced lunch program. You may apply for aid by filling out this form.

Resiliency and Sustainability in Civil Engineering: Not Just Buzzwords
July 19-24, 2020

Civil engineers plan for all kinds of factors - including extreme events such as earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes - when designing, building, and maintaining communities infrastructure systems. As part of this, they incorporate the principles of resiliency, the ability of systems to recover, as well as sustainability, the ability of them to meet and maintain current and future needs. More than just buzzwords, these principles impact how civil engineers create the future of our communities!

In this one-week residential course, high school students will:

  • Learn how resiliency and sustainability are integral to civil engineering
  • Participate in hands-on experiences related to building design, transportation planning, and water management
  • Tour Purdue’s civil engineering labs and interact with faculty and student researchers
  • Explore Purdue’s campus, make friends, and enjoy fun activities

Exploring University Majors and Careers in Human and Animal Health Care Professions 
July 26-31, 2020

Health care is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. Careers are diverse, and a well-educated workforce is in demand. If you have an interest in human or animal healthcare, there's no better time to explore your options. 

During this one-week, one-credit program, you'll discover how a Purdue education can give you an edge over the competition. For example, students will:

  • Learn about degrees that can lead to an immediate career in human or animal healthcare - veterinary nursing, dietetics, nutrition, exercise physiology, environmental health, and more.
  • Conduct hands-on activities with faculty from Purdue University and the Indiana University School of Medicine – West Lafayette, which is located on Purdue’s campus.
  • Benefit from tips provided by Pre-Professional Advising and explore undergraduate majors related to medical school, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, and optometry.
  • Tour the Veterinary Teaching Hospital with staff from the College of Veterinary Medicine. 
  • Explore Purdue's campus and make friends during fun evening activities with your peer mentor. 

Program Cost (All University tuition and fee rates are subject to change without notice.)

Residency Status Tuition and Fees Room and Board* Application Fee Total
Indiana Resident $347.85 $291.25 $60


Domestic Nonresident $948.30 $291.25 $60 $1,299.55
International** $1,018.30 $291.25 $60 $1,369.55

*Room and Board includes meals in university dining courts.
**International students must be attending high school in the United States and possess an educational visa.     
***A $500 discount will be automatically applied for all students accepted to Empowering Women in Business.