What to Do Next

A group of students enrolled in TOTAL: Turned Onto Technology and Leadership pose for a photo during Summer 2023.

Once you leave campus and return home, you may wonder what is next. You will want to keep your Purdue Career Account login information somewhere safe and where you can access it later. If you later attend Purdue for another summer term as a high school student or attend Purdue as a college student, you will use the Purdue ID (PUID) assigned to you during the Summer College admission process and the login you created when you accepted the offer for our program.

Additionally, you will want to be sure to obtain a copy of your Purdue University transcript once your course grade(s) is/are posted. Information on how to obtain a copy of your transcript can be found on the Office of the Registrar's website hereAll credits earned at Purdue, which includes those taken as a high school student, count towards your grade point average (GPA) at Purdue University. 

If you will be a senior in high school in the fall term immediately following your summer experience on campus, you can apply to Purdue University as an undergrad! Purdue University utilizes the Common App for its undergraduate admissions. The Common App goes live every year on August 1 for the following academic year. After participating in a program for Summer College for High School Students during Summer 2023, 94.8% of participants reported attending the program either made them more likely to Purdue in the future or reinforced their decision to apply as Purdue was already on the top of their list.