Student Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it - read below what alumni of Summer College for High School Students have said about their experiences!

"It made me actually feel as if I was a student at Purdue and helped me see that this was the right school for me." - Summer 2023 TOTAL Participant

"It’s all about finding your niche, and it’s ok to not know what your direction is right now. There is time before and as you start college to figure it all out." - Summer 2023 Introduction to Academic Programs at Purdue Participant

"Participating in the college program really gave me an opportunity to experience what it's like to live, think, and learn like a college student. I really did become a part of something bigger, and I felt that I wasn't just there for myself but for my peers and my parents. There were times where I couldn't believe that I was actually staying and taking classes from one of the top schools in the field of data science and computer science and I felt honored to have stayed there." - Summer 2023 Data Science and STEM Participant

"The best part of the program was the hands on experience we did in each class. For example for OEHS [Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences], we got to swab different object to see how much bacteria was on the surface which was interesting to do especially because there are not a lot of opportunities like that." - Summer 2023 Exploring Human Disease Detection and Prevention Participant

"The best part of the program was by far the wonderful people I met. They were from all over the country and had so many unique perspectives and ideas that never would have come to me." - Summer 2023 Empowering Women in Business Participant

"There were so many amazing parts of this program. To start, my professor was amazing. I loved my TAs and the people in my class. As much as I loved the class itself, I have to say being able to meet new people, become such good friends with them, and hang out with them at every moment of the day was by far my favorite part. It was so amazing to be around people with similar drive and goals." - Summer 2023 The Next Great Idea: Climate Solutions Participant