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Student Spotlight

Carter Mayhan

Carter Mayhan

March 2023

Mayhan on Making a Major Impact at Purdue

Carter Mayhan, a junior studying mechanical engineering with a minor in management, is passionate about what he can bring to the table at Purdue. Outside of the classroom, Carter is a project manager for Purdue Solutions Consulting, a student-led technology and management consulting operation. In addition, Carter serves as a tour guide for the Office of Admissions Ambassador program.

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Shane Gibson

Shane Gibson

February 2023

Shane Gibson Hammers Down the Path to His Future

Shane Gibson, a junior studying supply chain and sales engineering technology with a minor in construction management at Purdue, wants to use his education to own his own company someday. Coming from a family in the construction field, Shane hopes to carve his own path in construction sales as a supplier.

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Megan Bixler

Megan Bixler

January 2023

Megan Bixler Shares How to Find Your Community

Megan Bixler, a junior studying agricultural economics at Purdue, is excited about where her degree will take her even though she hasn’t settled on a specific path yet. “My degree is so broad and there are so many things you can do within agricultural economics,” Megan says. “I could go into planning, marketing, agricultural education outside of the classroom, tourism, policymaking – the options are really endless!”  

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Jerica Drew

Jerica Drew

December 2022

Jerica Drew and Making an Impact on Tomorrow

Jerica Drew, a senior in the School of Aviation Technology and Transportation at Purdue’s Polytechnic Institute, is no stranger when it comes to making an impact in her community. Prior to arriving at Purdue, Jerica actively served our country for five years in the United States Navy and completed three years of reserve service.

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Kaustubh Ray

Kaustubh Ray

October 2022

Graduate Kaustubh Ray on Impact and Networking His Way to NASA

Kaustubh Ray, a spring 2022 graduate of Purdue’s Aeronautical & Astronomical Engineering undergraduate program, is currently interning as a systems engineer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. Inspired by the stars while away at NASA, he is also working as a part-time direct-Ph.D. student in the Gambaro Graduate Program of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Purdue.

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Luke Thesier

Luke Thesier

September 2022

Building an Impact with Luke Thesier

Luke Thesier, a construction management technology (CMT) major from Purdue’s Polytechnic Institute, wants to eventually be the one “running it all” when constructing buildings. In addition to the sticks and bricks, the CMT program at Purdue taught Luke about installing piping, electrical components, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), so that he can eventually bid for work after graduation.

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Rachel Wong


August 2022

Senior Rachel Wong Gives Tips on the Steps to Leaps Pillar of Networking

Rachel Wong, who is double majoring in management and marketing with a concentration in innovation management, learned to face her social networking fears by jumping headfirst into student clubs and organizations. She says when she first came to Purdue, she felt it was important to immediately leap out of her comfort zone and get involved in student organizations - especially at the beginning of the school year.

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Natalie Nottolini

Natalie Nottolini

Summer 2022

Natalie Nottolini on Leadership and Impact

As a first-year student, it did not take long for Natalie Nottolini to discover that the then marketing major was not a fan of … wait for it: marketing. Instead of panicking, Natalie took another approach – she hit the books and researched other majors within Krannert School of Management to see what might interest her...

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Ashley Bagadiong

Ashley Bagadiong

April 2022

Ashley Bagadiong's Inspiring Take on Grit and Developing Her Leadership Skills

Ashley Bagadiong, a senior in the Davidson School of Chemical Engineering, has big aspirations for her future career. The first goals she has set for herself are to work in the consumer-packaged goods industry and run for office someday.

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Delaney Mortimore

Delaney Mortimore

March 2022

Delaney Mortimore Incorporates Impact into Action

Delaney Mortimore, a senior majoring in human services within the College of Health and Human Sciences, works hard to incorporate the Steps to Leaps pillar of Impact into her actions by focusing all her energy on social work, case management, societal issues and community activism.

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Tiffany Pai


February 2022

Tiffany Pai is Taking Leaps to Social Change

Tiffany Pai, who is pursuing an economics degree through the three-year program in the College of Liberal Arts, is all about helping others. From the moment that Tiffany stepped on campus, she knew she wanted to create an impact. She discovered a path to impact quickly when, as a first-year student, she discovered Purdue’s Civic Engagement and Leadership Development (CELD) department. At the time, CELD had just launched the Leadership Experience at Purdue (LEAP) program, and Tiffany was selected to be part of the first cohort to participate. 

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Sabria Croom


January 2022

Sabria Croom’s Take on Impact, Well-Being and Grit

Sabria Croom, a senior studying accounting, is on the student advisory board and serves as the student director of the ACE Campus Food Pantry at Purdue. When asked what her secret is to stay on top of her school and volunteer “game,” she says it is essential to prioritize oneself to help others.

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