Emerging Leaders Science Scholars

The Emerging Leaders Science Scholars Program (ELSS) is a comprehensive four-year experience designed to maximize student potential for recipients of the Emerging Leaders Scholarship (ELS) who are enrolled  in a College of Science Program. We aim to train the next generation of experts and promote diversity in Science and representation from a broad pool of talent.


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ELSS students enjoy exclusive benefits

On top of the ELS scholarship, the ELSS program also offers a nonresident tuition scholarship as well as a multitude of benefits that are designed to nurture students towards success:

  • Participation in the Early Start Program and Learning Community. In addition to jump starting your Purdue experience, this program offers the benefits of:
    • A five-week summer academic session (starting in July). Students earn nine (9) credit hours towards their degree requirements putting them ahead of schedule for degree completion.
    • A Learning Community that begins during the Summer Scholars program and continues through the first year. Students will live in residential neighborhoods to foster community, support and team building.
  • Participation in the Science 10000 orientation course. This one (1) credit Multicultural Leadership Seminar exposes students to campus resources, expansion of diversity dimensions, critical thinking skills and cultural competency. Fall only.
  • Participation in Faculty Mentoring and Peer Mentoring ELSS programs. ELSS students will be paired up with a Faculty Mentor (PDF) as well as a peer mentor (BoilerMentor Program). These mentoring relationships will support students through their academic path at Purdue and beyond.
  • Monthly Scholars Meetings. Students will meet with representative(s) in the College of Science Diversity area along with other scholars throughout the academic year to gain skills as an advocate and volunteer for programs that will champion diversity on the campus for the College of Science.
  • Undergraduate research projects, Study Abroad and other professional development and experiential learning opportunities. Program participants will receive support in identifying experiential learning opportunities that forward their personal, academic and career goals.

Scholarship requirements

  1. Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA. GPA is checked annually at the end of each spring semester.
  2. Continuous full-time enrollment (minimum 12 credit hours) in the College of Science, excluding summers.
  3. Continuous progress towards completion of a College of Science degree program.

Meeting scholarship requirements and participation in our program guarantees that you will retain your scholarship a maximum of eight continuous semesters. Failure to meet program requirements will result in the removal of the ELSS scholarship.

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Jasmeen Maples

I really enjoy being around other students who are just as passionate about science as I am. Purdue has the best faculty and professors that not only care deeply about us students, but who are also preparing us for successful careers and future endeavors. 

Jasmeen Maples, Genetics 2025
Emerging Leaders Science Scholar