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How to Dispose of Departmental Purdue Property

When a University Department decides they no longer have use for a single or multiple items, all Purdue owned property must follow the disposal procedure.

Disposal Procedure:

  • Identify surplus equipment to be disposed
  • Determine the condition of items

Items Conditions:

Excellent Items that are in new/like new condition
Good Items that show slight wear, useable (ex. Item can be used immediately)
Fair Items that are useable with minor adjustments, minor wear (ex. Desk that needs knobs, computer needs graphic board)
Poor Items that are useable with major adjustments, major wear (ex. Chair with torn fabric on seat)
Junk Items that are broken, non-working, and/or in pieces

Items in Excellent, Good, and Fair are to be advertised for 14 calendar days.
Items in Poor and Junk condition do not need to be advertised.

Advertising – complete form on advertising website, after 14 days submit a request Send to WL Warehouse using Property Accounting Electronic Forms. Go to the Purdue Employee Portal Click on OnePurdue Portal, sign in, click on Financial Systems, and click on Property Accounting.

  • If a capital asset is sold or transferred – submit a Transfer Ownership and fill in all requested information for transfer of equipment.
  • If funds are to be transferred –
    • Capital Asset – Capital is identified with a Purdue Inventory Tag or original acquisition cost greater than $5000. If a capital asset is sold from one department to another within the Transfer Ownership request you will find a check box for Any Money Exchange. Once the box is checked a JV Entries button will appear. Click on the button and fill in your debt and credit entries. Property Accounting Manager will prepare the necessary entries needed to complete your request.
    • Non-Capital Asset – The business office will need to prepare a Parked Document using G/L 539850 - Capital Recharge, which will need to be submitted to Accounting Services for processing.

*** Reminder - Guidelines for Proper Disposal of Electronic Media must be followed.

Not-Advertised - submit a Send to WL Warehouse request.

All Property Accounting forms will route for approval through workflow and will be processed by Property Accounting team. Requestors will receive an email once their request has been completely approved.

Purdue Surplus Store will automatically receive an email with the approved form ready for pick up. They will arrange for pickup of the equipment. Purdue Surplus Store will decide if the item is sellable or to be recycled. If it is to be sold it will be placed on the sales floor.

If a department is interested in purchasing an item, a University Warehouse Form 13 is filled out. Surplus Store will then charge the listed account number for the purchase.

Items marked as Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor Once the sales of items from a Property Accounting's Send to Warehouse form have accumulated to $100 or more, the department will receive a credit for 70% of the total sale. This credit will be posted to the account number listed on the Property Accounting electronic form.
Items marked as Junk As of July 1, 2013 items that are marked as “junk” on the Property Accounting's Send to Warehouse form will mean that the departments will receive $0 for that item.

** If an item contains oils, or any other unidentified liquids, Surplus Store will advise the department who they need to contact for removal of liquids.

** Hazardous items are not allowed to leave campus until they have been declared safe by Radiological and Environmental Management (REM). Surplus Store staff work closely with REM in identifying items that may contain asbestos, mercury, Freon and even radioactive sources to meet all EPA codes and standards.

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