Social Media Accounts

A list of Purdue social media accounts organized by name.
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Ag Research at Purdue Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
Agricultural Alumni Association Facebook
Agricultural and Biological Engineering Facebook
Agricultural Communications Facebook
Agricultural Economics Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube
Agricultural Economics Graduate Alums Facebook
Agricultural Economics Undergraduate Alums Facebook
Agricultural Study Abroad Facebook YouTube
Agronomy Facebook Twitter
Air Force ROTC Facebook
American Studies Facebook Twitter
Animal Sciences Facebook Twitter
Archives and Special Collections Facebook Twitter Instagram
Army ROTC Facebook
Asian American and Asian Resource and Cultural Center Facebook


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Beck Ag Center Facebook
Biochemistry Facebook
Boilermaker Butcher Block Facebook
Boilertv Facebook
Botany and Plant Pathology Facebook Twitter
Brian Lamb School of Communication Facebook Twitter
Butler Center for Leadership Excellence Facebook Twitter


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Center for Career Opportunities Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Instagram Pinterest
Center for C-SPAN Scholarship & Engagement Facebook Twitter
Center for Food and Agricultural Business Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube
Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
Chemistry YouTube
College of Agriculture - Dean's Scholars Facebook
College of Education Twitter YouTube Pinterest
College of Engineering Facebook Twitter
College of Health and Human Sciences Facebook YouTube
College of Health and Human Sciences Extension Facebook
College of Liberal Arts Academic Advising Facebook
College of Veterinary Medicine Facebook Twitter Google Plus YouTube
Corporate and Global Partnerships Twitter


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Department of Computer Graphics Twitter
Department of Computer and Information Technology Twitter
Department of Computer Science Facebook Twitter
Department of Consumer Science Facebook Twitter
Department of Curriculum and Instruction Facebook
Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences Facebook Twitter Google Plus
Department of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy Twitter
Department of Technology Leadership & Innovation Facebook Twitter
Discovery Learning Research Center Facebook Twitter
Diversity Resource Office Facebook
Diversity Resource Office - DiversiKey Twitter
Division of Financial Aid LinkedIn Pinterest
Division of Recreational Sports Facebook


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Ecological Sciences and Engineering Facebook
EDPS, GERI Program Facebook
Electrical and Computer Engineering Facebook Twitter
Engineering Professional Education LinkedIn
Exhibit Design Center and Traveling Exhibit Program Facebook Twitter
Exploratory Studies Facebook Twitter Instagram


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Food Science Facebook Twitter Instagram
Forestry and Natural Resources Facebook Twitter
Forestry and Natural Resources Department Facebook


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Giving to Purdue Facebook Twitter Instagram
Global Trade Analysis Project Facebook LinkedIn YouTube
Graduate School Facebook Twitter Google Plus LinkedIn YouTube
Grad Expo Facebook


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Health and Human Sciences Extension Administration Facebook
Help the Hellbender Facebook
Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Facebook
Housing & Food Services Marketing Instagram
HUBzero Facebook


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IN Forestry and Woodland Owners Association Twitter
Indiana 4-H Facebook Twitter
Indiana 4-H Citizenship Facebook
Indiana 4-H Global Programs Facebook
Indiana Council for Economic Education Facebook Twitter YouTube
Indiana Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) Facebook YouTube
Intramural Sports Twitter
IPFW Office of Academic Internships, Cooperative Education, and Service Learning Facebook Google Plus LinkedIn YouTube
IPFW University Community Conversation Twitter
IPFW Women's Soccer Facebook Twitter
IPFW Women's Volleyball Facebook
Issues 360 Facebook
ITaP — Envision Center Facebook Twitter YouTube
ITaP — Information Technology at Purdue Facebook Twitter
ITaP — Notify Twitter
ITaP Signals (TLT) Twitter
ITaP Student Training Program (TLT) Facebook
ITaP TLT Twitter
ITaP Web Services Twitter


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John Purdue Club Facebook Twitter
Jonathan Amy Facility of Chemical Instrumentation Facebook


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Krannert EBV program Instagram
Krannert School of Management Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Instagram


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Learning Design and Technology program Facebook
Liberal Arts Career Development Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Instagram Pinterest
Liberal Arts Student Council Twitter Instagram
LSAMP (Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation) Facebook Twitter
Lyles School of Civil Engineering Twitter


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Mastodon Academic Performance Center (MAP Center) Facebook
MEERCat Purdue (Schools of Mechanical Engineering & Engineering Education) Twitter
MESA: Multicultural Efforts to end Sexual Assault Facebook Twitter
Mirage Bellydancers Club Facebook
Military Family Research Institute Facebook


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Naval ROTC Facebook
New Student Orientation - Purdue Calumet Facebook
NEXTRANS Center Facebook
Nuclear Engineering Facebook
Nutrition Science- Purdue Extension Facebook


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ODOS, Advocacy and Support Center Twitter
Office of Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs Twitter
Office of International Students and Scholars Facebook Twitter
Office of Marketing and Media Instagram
Office of Professional Practice Facebook Twitter
Office of the Planned Giving Facebook
Office of the Registrar Facebook
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs Google Plus
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs - Purdue Student Life Facebook
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs - Purdue Students Twitter Instagram
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs - PurdueBoard Facebook
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs - VPSA YouTube


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Pathway to Purdue Facebook Twitter
Patti and Rusty Rueff School of Visual and Performing Arts YouTube
Political Science Facebook Twitter
Professional Writing Club Facebook Twitter
Project Impact Twitter Instagram
Psychological Sciences Facebook YouTube
Purdue Admissions Facebook Twitter
Purdue Agribusiness Club Facebook
Purdue Agriculture Facebook Twitter Google Plus LinkedIn YouTube
Purdue Alumni Association Facebook Twitter Google Plus LinkedIn YouTube Instagram Pinterest
Purdue and Indiana University MS-MBA in Food and Agribusiness Management Facebook LinkedIn YouTube
Purdue Aquaculture Research Lab Facebook Twitter
Purdue Beef Team YouTube
Purdue Biochemistry LinkedIn
Purdue Collegiate 4-H Facebook Twitter
Purdue Comitatus Mentoring Committee Facebook
Purdue Convocations Facebook Twitter
Purdue Entomology Facebook Twitter YouTube
Purdue Extension Facebook Twitter Google Plus YouTube
Purdue Extension Entomology YouTube
Purdue Extension Horticulture Twitter
Purdue Extension Northwest Commercial Horticulture Program Facebook Twitter
Purdue Extension Small Farms Twitter
Purdue Extension, College of Health and Human Sciences Facebook Twitter
Purdue Extension, Marion County 4-H Facebook
Purdue Forestry and Natural Resources YouTube
Purdue Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Twitter
Purdue Institute of Inflammation, Immunology and Infectious Disease (PI4D) Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
Purdue Master Gardener Twitter
Purdue Memorial Union Twitter
Purdue Memorial Union - Pappy's Sweet Shop Twitter
Purdue Musical Organizations Facebook Twitter YouTube
Purdue Parents and Families Facebook
Purdue Polytechnic Center for Professional Studies Facebook
Purdue Polytechnic Institute, West Lafayette (Main Location) Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Instagram
Purdue Polytechnic, Anderson Facebook Twitter Instagram
Purdue Polytechnic, Columbus Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram
Purdue Polytechnic, Lafayette Facebook Twitter
Purdue Polytechnic, New Albany Facebook Twitter Instagram
Purdue Polytechnic, Richmond Facebook Twitter Instagram
Purdue Polytechnic, South Bend Facebook Twitter
Purdue Polytechnic, Vincennes Facebook Twitter
Purdue Polytechnic Office of Globalization Facebook Twitter Instagram
Purdue Small Farms and Sustainable Agriculture Team Facebook
Purdue Space Day Facebook Twitter Instagram
Purdue Student Union Board Twitter
Purdue Study Abroad Facebook Twitter Pinterest
Purdue Technical Assistance Program - Manufacturing Extension Partnership Facebook
Purdue Turf Science Facebook
Purdue University Center for Cancer Research Facebook Twitter
Purdue University Physical Facilities Instagram
Purdue Women's Studies Program Twitter
Purdue ZipTrips Facebook
Rosen Center for Advanced Computing Twitter


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School of Aeronautics and Astronautics Facebook Instagram
School of Aviation and Transportation Technology Facebook Instagram
School of Construction Management Technology Facebook Twitter Instagram
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Facebook LinkedIn YouTube
School of Engineering Technology Facebook
School of Hospitality and Tourism Management Facebook Instagram
School of Industrial Engineering Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube
School of Interdisciplinary Studies Facebook Twitter
School of Languages and Cultures Facebook
School of Mechanical Engineering Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
School of Nursing Facebook
Spring Fest Facebook Twitter
Student Diversity Initiatives - College of Liberal Arts Facebook


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Trademarks and Licensing: Rep Purdue Facebook Twitter Instagram
Transportation Twitter
TSW-CoT Richmond Twitter


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Unidos Club Twitter Instagram
Union Rack and Roll - PMU Facebook Twitter Instagram
University Residences Facebook
University Residences - Global Purdue Facebook
University Residences - ResLifeAtPurdue Twitter
University Residences - Windsor Celebration Facebook
University Residences Support Center Twitter Instagram


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Vice President of Human Resources Facebook Twitter Pinterest
VPHR Facebook


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Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube
Women's Studies Program Facebook
Writing Lab Twitter


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Youth Development and Agricultural Education Facebook Twitter LinkedIn