Travel Arrangements FAQ

Third-Party Paid Travel

If my travel is being paid by a third party, do I need to submit a travel request through Concur?

Yes. Although Purdue is not funding the trip, “no-cost travel” is considered business travel and must be properly recorded and documented before the trip. Documentation of how expenses will be covered must be provided by the traveler. Completing the Travel Request in Concur will ensure the department is aware of the activity and will promote safety and security while traveling.

International Travel

I will be traveling internationally for university business, what do I need to do?

Any employee of the University authorized for international travel must follow the appropriate approval, insurance and travel security requirements as outlined in the resources below. Contact Purdue Travel if you need assistance with your travel arrangements.

Complex Bookings

Can the University's travel agent assist with booking domestic multi-leg trips?

Yes, contact for assistance.  

Preferred Suppliers

Does Purdue have any preferred suppliers to support our travel needs?

Yes, Purdue is constantly looking for ways to maximize university savings and increase benefits to our travelers. Preferred vendors with negotiated rates can be located on the Purdue Travel website. 

Reservation Changes

What if I need to change existing reservations or add a car or hotel to an airfare?

Contact for assistance.  

Seat Upgrades

Can I purchase an upgraded seat for an international flight?

Upgrades to business class are only permitted for flights that are 14 hours or longer.

Purdue Travel Eligibility

Does Purdue Travel support all travel for the University?

Purdue Travel uses AAA Corporate TRavel to assist with business travel arrangements for faculty, staff and graduate students employed by the University. Travel for all non-employees, including prospective employees, and student organizations should be handled using the  process that is currently in place (check with your business office). Contact Purdue Travel if you need additional information.

Use of Delegates

Will someone else be able to make my travel arrangements for me?

Travelers can set up one or more delegates to establish travel arrangements or create their expense reports. The final expense report must be "submitted" by the traveler for processing.

After-hour travel support

Who do I call if I have an after-hours travel need?

Call (765) 496-TRIP or (765-496-8747) after hours.

Conference Rate

If I have a conference rate for a hotel, can I make reservations directly through the hotel? 

Yes, use your Purdue Travel card.

Combining Business and Personal Travel

Can I book travel for family members?

Family travel should not be booked in Concur and may not be reserved/paid through the Purdue Travel card.

Can I combine vacation time with a business trip?

Travelers may combine vacation time with a business trip with supervisor approval prior to initiating arrangements. The individual must pay costs associated with leisure travel, and expense cost variances (e.g. airfare, vehicle rental, lodging) must be clearly identified and documented to ensure additional costs have not been assessed to the University.

Car Rental Insurance

If I am unable to rent with National/Enterprise and can’t take advantage of the contracted savings, what insurances should I purchase?

Purdue is self-insured for damage on all rental cars used by staff traveling on University business. No additional insurance needs to be purchased from the rental company, except for international travel.

Personal Vehicle

If I use my personal vehicle for business travel, whose insurance assumes primary liability?

The driver’s insurance company assumes primary liability for personal injury or property damage incurred in the event of an accident in a non-Purdue vehicle.

Loyalty Programs

Can I accrue frequent flyer miles and other loyalty program benefits from my business travel?

Employees may earn loyalty program benefits while traveling for business; however, it should not be at an additional cost to the University when booking arrangements.

Travel Disruption Vouchers

An airline provided me with a travel certificate/voucher when I experienced an involuntary travel disruption. How can I use this?

Airlines provide certificates/vouchers to compensate travelers for an inconvenience. You may use the certificate/voucher for personal travel. If you choose to use it for business travel, you will not be compensated or reimbursed for the value of the certificate/voucher.

Note that voluntarily accepting a later flight (“bumping”) in exchange for cash or cash-equivalent incentives is not permissible during business travel.