PMO Broadcasting Network

PMO is excited to offer both curated historical performances and brand new, exclusive content on our new custom broadcasting network!

Watch tons of virtual performances, including the 90th Annual Purdue Christmas Show, throughout the current school year and beyond.

See below for subscription options and start your subscription today!

Subscription Options

  • $40 Annual All-Access Pass
  • $20 Monthly All-Access Pass
  • $14 Two-Day Pass



How much does a subscription to cost?
Subscriptions to start as low as $14 for a two-day pass. This decision was made in order to not only recoup expenses for our spring productions, but to also to keep PMO in compliance with artist licensing and copyright law. PMO set its site pricing at the vendor minimum prices in order to ensure that this service was an affordable alternative to in-person concert attendance.
Can PMO take my subscription payment over the phone?
You must register for an account on and pay for it via online credit card. PMO is unable to receive payments of any kind for this streaming service off-line, including over the phone.
Does my subscription count as a donation to PMO?
No portion of this subscription (2-day, month, or year) is a donation to PMO. Subscriptions cannot be considered a charitable deduction. PMO receives 1/3 (32.5%) of all viewer subscription fees after artists and the management company have been paid. 100% of net funds received by PMO from this service will be utilized to cover production costs for this and other programs, including payments to/for videographers, scenic/set design, stage rental, orchestration, musical accompaniment, etc.
Why aren't PMO donors given complimentary access to this site?
PMO is partnering with a third party vendor - SBN Broadcasting - to provide this service. Any pass PMO wishes to provide for free must be purchased by PMO at full cost. Thank you to all of our donors, who provide PMO with 85% of its annual operating budget and fund nearly every aspect of our students’ PMO experience!
Can I watch on my TV?

For viewers who wish to watch via their Apple TV, Firestick, Roku or other smart TV, PMO recommends the following options:

  • From an Apple TV: PMO recommends you utilize the “airplay” feature to stream the production from another Apple device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) to your smart TV. For more information and help with this process, click here.
  • For Firestick, Roku, and other smart TV users: PMO recommends you view the virtual production on a separate laptop computer and connect to your TV with an HDMI cord. For more information on this process, click here.
Who can I contact with technical questions?
If you have questions about how to utilize the streaming service, please email and reference “Purdue Musical Organizations Video Network.” PMO is NOT able to assist with account lock-outs, billing issues, or technical issues.
What if I only want to watch one concert?
If you only wish to enjoy one concert on, the best practice would be to purchase a two-day pass on the day of the live airdate of performance. Two-day passes start the day they are purchased. By purchasing the pass on the day of the live airdate, you enjoy that day plus an additional day to view a second time!