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Purdue’s innovative Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence prepares professionals for success in today’s tech-focused job market – and it gives them the skills they need to meet the demands of the future. Whether you’re interested in the technical capabilities, implementation, and ethics of AI, or just someone new to the world of AI, this program provides foundational AI knowledge applicable to many different career paths – from engineering to business, communication, and more.
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MS in AI

Demystify AI by Building Practical Experience and Foundational Skills

  • Students will develop foundational knowledge and practical experience in the realm of Artificial Intelligence and Computing.  
  • Professional skills that will be learned include leadership, change management, project management. 
  • Technical skills that will be learned include computer programming and principles of machine learning. 
  • Students will gain expertise in the areas of data mining, data analysis, and data management.  
  • Students will be able to articulate ethical and policy principles of Artificial Intelligence and apply it to their work.  

74 Recognizable Major Employers
$149k Average Salary
45,081 Unique Job Postings
74 Recognizable Major Employers
$149k Average Salary
45,081 Unique Job Postings

Explore the Majors

The AI and Machine Learning major teaches technical skills in AI, with a focus on topics such as programming, machine learning, data mining, language processing, statistics and more. Learners in this major are expected to have a programming background and prior experience with calculus, linear algebra, and probability theory.

The AI Management and Policy major teaches the business and management aspects of AI. This major focuses less on technical skill and more on developing a foundational understanding of AI and its implications. Learners in this major will take classes on topics like risk management, communication, leadership, marketing, and data literacy. All learners in this major must have at least 24 months of relevant work experience.

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