Celebrating the LGBTQ Center's 10th Anniversary

This year marks the 10th anniversary since the LGBTQ Center first opened its doors in July 2012. We encourage you to join us throughout the year to celebrate the history of the Purdue University LGBTQIA+ community, reflect on the LGBTQ Center’s achievements, and envision the future of LGBTQIA+ inclusion at Purdue University.

Queer Histories/Queer Futures

An Exhibit of LGBTQIA+ Life at Purdue University, 1800s-Present

October 7th - 21st

In recognition of the LGBTQ Center’s 10th Anniversary, we invited the campus community to examine the queer histories of Purdue University and imagine the myriad of queer futures on campus.

This event consisted of a walking tour and exhibit of queer history, community, and culture at Purdue University from the 19th century to the present.

The reception from the campus community was wonderful, and we enjoyed the ability to bring these exhibits to campus. Please refer to our digital archive, which will remain on our website in perpetuity.

10 Ways to Support the LGBTQ Center on the 10th Anniversary

Bring a Friend to Fabulous Fridays--Each Friday, the LGBTQ Center hosts different social and self-care activities designed to facilitate community building, LGBTQIA+ community education, and an opportunity to de-stress before the weekend. Check out our calendar page to learn more about upcoming Fabulous Friday events! 

Buy a LGBTQ Pride T-Shirt--Proceeds from your purchase go toward supporting the important work our center does for Purdue's LGBTQIA+ community, and you get to wear a stylish t-shirt! Visit the Purdue Team Store here.

Fund a Rainbow Stole for a Lavender Graduate--At the LGBTQ Center, we celebrate graduating members of Purdue's LGBTQIA+ community by presenting each graduate with a stole and certificate. By funding a rainbow stole, you would be directly investing in the growing network of LGBTQIA+ alumns. Give to our general fund here.

Share the LGBTQ Center's Posts on Social Media--We use our social media platforms to promote our events, history, and community. Sharing our posts helps increase our reach and engagement. Stay connected with us on Instagram: @purduelgbtq  Twitter: @purduelgbtq and Facebook: Purdue University LGBTQ Center

Attend an Event--Our center offers many different opportunities to engage thorugh our events and programs ... Find out more about our upcoming events on our calendar page!

Add Your Pronouns to Your Email--Integrating inclusive practices, such as adding your pronouns to your email signature. Use Purdue's Email Signature Generator to easily add your pronouns to your emails!

Attend Safe Zone Training--This training empowers participants to support LGBTQIA+ students, staff and faculty through better understanding the unique needs and concerns LGBTQ people face in higher education and increasing their knowledge, skills, and abilities to create a more inclusive and affirming campus. Check out our Safe Zone page to learn more about the training and sign up!

Learn About Purdue's LGBTQIA+ History--Purdue's history is full of queer life, celebration, and resistance. We partnered with the university's Archives and Special Collections to create exhibits highlighting the rich history of LGBTQIA+ life and activism at Purdue. Check out our digital archive and sign up for a guided walking tour!

Decorate Your Office with Pride--Whether it's a flag, sticker, or magnet, displaying rainbows and other LGBTQIA+ community identifiers shows your support for the LGBTQIA+ community on campus.  

Donate to the LGBTQ Student Emergency Support Fund--A donation to this emergency support fund goes directly to helping LGBTQIA+ students who are facing hardship. Give here.