Tax Information for International Students and Scholars

April 18, 2023 is the deadline for filing an income tax return for Calendar Year 2022. Returns must be postmarked by a US post office no later than this date.

Information to Prepare and File Your Tax Return:

The VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) program has some very helpful information regarding tax returns, which can be found here

Also see information and FAQs from Purdue's Payroll and Tax Services here

Internal Revenue Service  

Access to Glacier Tax Prep (GTP): 

If you were paid by Purdue University during Calendar Year 2022, you will receive an informational message from Purdue University's Payroll & Tax Services regarding accessing GLACIER TAX PREP through your GLACIER account. GLACIER TAX PREP assists nonresident aliens with completing their necessary Internal Revenue forms.  Log into your GLACIER account at  If you don't remember your log in credentials, please click the "Forgot Login?" button.

If you **were not** paid by Purdue University during Calendar Year 2022 and don’t already have a GLACIER account, but you need to file a tax return and/or complete the form 8843, ISS is pleased to announce that Purdue's international students, faculty and staff at the West Lafayette campus will have access to the tax software program, GLACIER TAX PREP. This program can provide step by step assistance with income tax form preparation for nonresident aliens. 

Click here for instructions to access Glacier Tax Prep

***If you have problems logging into the myISS portal or don't see a link to Glacier Tax Prep in myISS, please email  Please tell us exactly what the problem is in detail.

GTP Support:

If you have any difficulties using the GLACIER TAX PREP program, please contact the company directly at:

Form 8843:

Please keep in mind that ISS **cannot** provide tax advice. To the best of our knowledge and belief, internationals in F or J visa status who were not paid in Calendar Year 2022 do NOT need to file an income tax return of any sort. However, to the best of our knowledge and belief, all such internationals (whether student, faculty, staff, spouse or dependent of one of these individuals) who were physically present in the US during 2022 need to file Form 8843, "Statement for Exempt Individuals and Individuals with a Medical Condition." While this is an IRS numbered form, it is technically a CIS (formerly INS) form which lists information about internationals in the US. This form can be found at the following site:

Form 8843:

Form 8843 is also available in the GLACIER TAX PREP software package. 

Live Tax Help Sessions:

Tax help sessions for individuals who are filing a state tax return for the very first time will be available through the local VITA program.  Find more information here.  



We hope that this information will assist you with income tax filing requirements and procedures.