J-2 Dependents 

J-2 dependents are defined as a spouse or an unmarried, minor child of a J-1 (under the age of 21 years). Below is a summary of considerations and rules relating to J-2 dependents

  • Presence in the USA
    • May enter the US along with or after the J-1 nonimmigrant but never before
    • May remain in the US after the J-1 departs if the J-1 scholars's departure is temporary. A J-1 scholar could temporarily depart for 21 days or less. However, non-personal reasons would allow a scholar to have a longer departure but be considered temporary.  Click here for a site discussing what constitutes a scholar's temporary departure.  Scroll down to the bullet point "If a scholar is outside of the US for over 21 days for personal reasons"
  • Permitted Activities
    • Eligible to apply to the USCIS after admission and validation in J-2 status, for an Employment Authorization card (also known as an EAD).
      • To apply, follow instructions on I-765 Application for Employment Authorization (uscis.gov)
        • The eligibility category, based on USCIS instructions, is "(c)(5)".
        • The J-2 must submit as additional info a signed and dated letter stating
        • The money earned will not be used in any way to support the J-1 principal
        • The reasons for requesting employment authorization, such as paying for the J-2’s education, recreation, cultural excursions, or development of professional expertise
      • USCIS procesing times are available here. Select "I-765," then select "All other applications for employment authorization".
    • Once the EAD is issued and in hand-
    • Education
      • May attend classes at any level (primary, secondary, post-secondary, etc.)
      • May be admitted as a full-time degree seeking student at Purdue but may be considered an "international" from the perspective of tuition and other student costs
  • Limitations
    • Are subject to the 212(e) Home Residence Rule if the J-1 is subject
    • Are subject to the 12 Month Bar if physically present in the US more than 6 months
    • Must have health insurance during the entire J-1's program (not just their stay in the US) that meets the US Dept of State requirements as listed in the Exchange Visitor Program Welcome Brochure. Wilful failure to hold insurance is a violation of J-2 status. International Scholar Services might be required to close J-2 programs if there is a wilful failure to maintain qualifying health insurance.

Inviting a J-2 Dependent

J-1 scholars may invite a spouse or unmarried child after arriving at Purdue University by the following method:

  1. Submitting a Visiting Scholar Request Form to ISS
  2. Providing evidence of financial support for the dependent(s) as stated on the request form in step 1.
  3. Providing a copy of the dependent(s) passport(s)
  4. Email intlscholars@purdue.edu to request instructions to submit the request
  5. Obtaining a Form DS 2019 from ISS that allows a dependent to enter the US

J-2 dependents apply for J-2 dependent visas at the US Embassy or Consulate with the Form DS 2019. When applying for a J-2 visa, an original or certified copy of a marriage (for spouse) or birth certificate (for child) must be submitted in addition to financial support.

Finally, once a J-2 has left the US and has no plans to return during the J-1's program, please report this departure to ISS, asking that the J-2 status be ended. J-1 scholars should email intlscholars@purdue.edu to report the end of a J-2's status.