J-1 Funding Thresholds

Purdue requires scholars to demonstrate that they have access to a minimum threshold of funds to ensure that they, and their accompanying family (if any) are able to meet their basic needs during their visit.

This funding can be in the form of wages, grant funds, stipend payment, living and other allowances, or cash funds. These can be provided to the scholar by Purdue or another institution or organization, or by a family member or the scholar themselves. Personal funds may be used to total the required funding thresholds listed below.

For invitations or offers issued on or after July 1, 2022, scholars must have available to them total funding that meets the following thresholds

  • $1,885/month to support the scholar
  • $1,000/month to support the first additional dependent family member
  • $650/month to support each subsequent dependent family member

The above-listed funding thresholds apply to new requests for J status as well as requests for extensions. 

Please note the following-

  • The law restricts "dependent family members" to the following persons-
    • Legally married spouse (common law marriage does not qualify), and
    • Unmarried children under the age of 21 
  • Funding must be demonstrated for each dependent family member only if they will accompany you during your stay at Purdue and will have J-2 status.
  • Funding for dependents must be confirmed for the entire length of your stay at Purdue even if the dependents will be in the US for a shorter time.

If you have questions or concerns about these funding thresholds, please reach out to your ISS Liaison.