Who does this procedure apply to?

Following is a discussion of the procedure by which J-1 Visiting Scholars (Scholars who hold Visiting Scholar Appointments, which is a non-employment appointment to Purdue) request approval of trips away from the Purdue campus for more than 21 days.

As background, a J-1 "program" is a permission to engage in specific activities at Purdue. If the Visiting Scholar intends to be off-campus for more than 21 days, then ISS needs to understand why. ISS is responsible for ensuring that the underlying reason for the scholar to be in the USA (the scholarly activities at Purdue) are either continuing, or being paused for a good reason.  

If the extended absence from the USA is due to personal reasons, such as home country job requirements or degree-program requirements for home country presence, ISS must evaluate whether the J-1 program may be continued. Please discuss such plans with an ISS counselor or email intlscholars@purdue.edu regarding how to protect your J program during the overseas stay. Please note that any documentation would only be required for the scholar’s ISS file and is not required to reenter the US. 

What is the Procedure?

Off-campus but within the US

If a Visiting Scholar will be away from campus for more than 21 days while inside the US:

  • The Scholar may provide to ISS a copy of the contract between Purdue and the other US location, that sets forth that the scholar is permitted by that institution to engage in research, teaching or other scholarly activity. 
  • The Scholar may request that their J program be transferred to that new site (if that site permits a J program). 

Outside the US

Planned Absence

If a Visiting Scholar plans to be away from campus for more than 21 days while outside the US, the Scholar must provide the following letter from the Scholar's Purdue host at least one week prior to departing the USA:

  • Be address “To Whom It May Concern”
  • List the street address of the overseas work location 
  • State the date leaving the US and the date returning to Purdue 
  • State the purpose of the trip in relation to continuing the J program collaboration 

The Scholar must submit a "Travel Request" through MyISS. The letter is provided as part of that submission. ISS will review the request and letter and approve within 5 business days. 

Unplanned Extended Absence

If a Visiting Scholar intended to return to the US within 21 days, but is unexpectedly delayed in returning due to events outside their control (such as due to awaiting a visa approval or other unforeseen circumstances, the scholar should email intlscholars@purdue.edu so we can add this information to the scholar’s record. If the circumstances include an extended family illness or personal medical procedures, a letter from a doctor should be provided.