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Suspension of Operation due to Adverse Weather FAQs

The Adverse Weather Conditions policy outlines the responsibility of the President or Chancellor in making decisions to delay, dismiss, or cancel classes and/or routine operations. Below are answers to frequently asked questions when this occurs.

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Employees pre-designated as Essential Employees should follow their unit’s procedures and make reasonable efforts to report to campus for work. Non-essential employees who can work remotely should, and they will be paid at their regular rate. Non-essential employees who report to work should be sent home. Non-essential employees who cannot work remotely are not expected to work. 

Essential Personnel are Purdue employees who are required to report to campus in order to provide the minimum level of operations on the West Lafayette campus (e.g. emergency services, utilities, snow removal, provision of food and housing, animal caregivers) and those needed to prevent irreparable damage to animals, research facilities and mechanical systems.

Please refer to the Adverse Weather section of the Wage / Hour Procedures.

If you are designated as essential staff, you are expected to report to work or as otherwise directed by your supervisor. If you do not report to work or as directed by your supervisor, you will need to take the time as unpaid or use your available paid time off. if you have extenuating circumstances and are unable to report to work after taking advantage of available resources and making reasonable efforts, you should contact your supervisor immediately. If you have made a reasonable effort to report to work and taken advantage of the resources made available to you, your unit may make an exception to pay you like other non-exempt, non-essential staff. These decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis by college/unit leadership in consultation with Human Resources.
Yes. As long as the employee worked or was in paid status either the day before or the day after the suspension of operations, they will be paid at the regular rate of pay for normally scheduled hours.
Whenever possible, the designation of temporary or student employees as essential should be avoided. However, in instances where it cannot, they may be designated as essential. For information on pay, please refer to the Adverse Weather section of the Wage / Hour Procedures.
No, if a temporary or student employee does not work due to a suspension of University operations, they are not paid.