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Frequently Asked Questions

A dedicated phone line is available for Purdue Global educational benefits. This line is available to any prospective, returning, or existing employee and eligible family member. Use this number to discuss your questions about the programs and courses. The new interactive voice response number is 866-458-2005.

You will have three prompts to choose from:

  1. Education Benefits - Admissions (ADM)
  2. Education Benefits - Office of Returning Students (ORS)
  3. Education Benefits - Support and Solutions (SS)

The hours of operations are Monday through Friday, 10 am-7 pm EST/9 am-6 pm CST. If you call after hours, you will be routed to the voice mailbox. Or, you can send an email to


  • The education benefit will cover textbook fees for Purdue University employees and their immediate family members who are enrolled in Undergraduate programs. All books for Graduate programs are the sole responsibility of the student.
  • Purdue University employees and their immediate family members will be responsible for all technology fees. Technology fees are assessed at the beginning of each and every term.

    Eligible immediate family members are responsible for the one-time application fee where applicable (this fee is waived for employees).

    Eligible Purdue University employees and immediate family members are responsible for all other fees including administrative fees, drop fees, program-specific fees, and lab and clinical fees.
Department head approval is needed so supervisors are aware of the professional development efforts of their direct reports. Knowing someone is pursuing additional education can help the supervisor envision a career path that takes advantage of the professional development and opens opportunities for the employee. This also allows the opportunity for the Department Head or supervisor to review the credit hour commitment and any potential impact to your daily schedule.

University employees and immediate family members are permitted to utilize the Purdue Global education benefit towards the following, with or without a Career Focus Area, Specialization or Emphasis Area, as applicable, per the respective curriculum (one per degree):

  • 1 Associate
  • 1 Bachelor
  • 1 Master
  • 1 Undergrad Certificate
  • 1 Graduate Certificate
Spouses, children, step-children, sons/daughters-in-law, grandchildren, and step-grandchildren.
Benefit-eligible Purdue University employees who have been continuously employed in a full-time or part-time capacity for a minimum of 30 calendar days are eligible for the education benefit.

It is important to note that you will still qualify for a modified educational benefit. Tuition discounts for eligible full-time Purdue University employees with at least 1-year of service or part-time Purdue University employees with at least 2-years of service will be 50% of tuition (see “Fees” section in the guidelines for additional information), subject to eligibility requirements as set forth in the Education Benefit Guidelines.

Tuition discounts for immediate family members of employees who have met their eligibility period (1-year full-time or 2-years part-time) are: Immediate Family = 25% discount off current tuition

Due to the intensive faculty-student interaction associated with doctoral education, we offer these degrees at a reduced rate, rather than tuition-free.  
As a Purdue University West Lafayette, PNW, or PFW adjunct faculty member you will qualify for the Employee Educational Benefit which will cover 100% of tuition. Unfortunately, you will not qualify for the immediate family educational benefit, similar to the Purdue University Campus Remission policy.
Currently, there is no credit limit per term for the Purdue Global Education benefit. 

There would be no additional tuition costs based upon the number of credits taken per term for the Employee Education Benefit. However, there may be additional course related fees or book expenses depending on your program of study.

It is important to note that per Purdue Global policy registering for more than 18 credits per term requires approval from the Purdue Global Dean. A credit overload may result in changes to tuition charges and financial aid awards. Certain programs have specific policies governing student course loads; refer to the individual school sections for more information.

There is not an age limit for immediate family members, including the children of staff, however, depending on the age and type of immediate family member, the education benefit may be taxable. Please review the Taxability information tab for additional information.
Yes, if you choose to file a FAFSA, you will be able to utilize the approved packaged financial aid to cover the fees and book expenses related to your program.  As an employee, you can then elect any additional excess aid to be returned to avoid a reduction of your Employee Education Benefit.
Currently, there is no limit to the number of immediate family members that can participate in the program. They are eligible to complete 1 degree or certificate as reviewed in question 3.
The Purdue Global Commitment program provides you a 3-week introductory period, during which you’ll get exposed to the Purdue Global curriculum, faculty, and classroom or online platforms. If at any point during the 3-week introductory period you decide Purdue Global is not the right fit for you or family situation, you can opt out with no tuition cost or other financial obligation to Purdue Global, except for the application fee. Also, if you have not participated in the classroom, Purdue Global has the option of dropping you from the program for lack of interest.
To continue to receive education benefits, employees and immediate family members must maintain a minimum term GPA of 3.0. If the employee or immediate family member’s GPA falls below a 3.0 term GPA two times anytime during their participation in the education benefits program, they will become permanently ineligible to receive future education benefits. GPA is evaluated at the end of each term when grades post. In the case of a retaken course, the original grade posted is used to determine the student’s education benefit eligibility. A term GPA will be calculated based on all grades received during the applicable term.

Purdue Global takes financial literacy very seriously. We want to ensure you are well aware of potential costs and on-going commitments tied to various forms of financial aid. This is a brief process and the webinar only takes seven minutes to complete.

It is also important to review our financial aid disbursement process as this differs from your Purdue University Campus processes. In the case of the 100% Employee Education Benefit, taking out excess aid could reduce your educational benefit. Therefore, it is important to fully understand this process and commitment.

Please visit our website at to review our program offerings and opportunities.  Note that we have more frequent starts (around every 3 weeks).  Not all programs commence with each session start. 
Yes, similar to our Purdue University Campus remission policy, the Purdue Global Education Benefit will also be extended to Official Retirees and Surviving spouses / children as defined in policy VI.A.1
Process for Receiving Education Benefits

To apply for the initial education benefit, employees must follow the process outlined in the Education Benefit Manual – Purdue Campuses. This process can be found here,  Purdue Global Education Benefits Manual

Basic Steps:

  1. Choose your program (review available offerings at
  2. Choose your desired start date
  3. Complete and submit the Purdue Global Intake form

Important Note:   Please make sure to complete all sections of the intake form including the Program of Study and desired start date.  This will ensure that you are contacted by the appropriate Purdue Global team member to assist you in the next steps of the admissions process.  Failure to complete the form and submit in its entirety could result in a delay.

The Purdue Global Business Office will grant the final approval and application of initial and continuing education benefits based on the employee’s student status (i.e. in good standing), GPA, and satisfaction of any prior outstanding unpaid balances. Benefits will be applied to your account, if eligible, by the end of your active term.

If you are not eligible to continue receiving this benefit, you and any applicable immediate family members will receive an email notification. However, it is the student’s responsibility to maintain awareness of the minimum requirements for receiving, and continuing to receive, the education benefit.

If you have any questions regarding the Purdue University education benefit or have any additional questions, please email

If you have any questions related to your Purdue Global tuition statement please contact student accounts department at 1-866-522-7747.

PROOF OF HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION: Purdue Global requires students to attest to proof of graduation from high school or its equivalent. If selected for verification, students must provide official proof of graduation within 30 days; if Purdue Global is required to obtain this proof on your behalf, there will be a $10.00 nonrefundable fee charged to your account. If Purdue Global previously received official proof of high school graduation, the student will not be selected for verification as a returning student.

If a student is selected for verification, they will be contacted with instructions on how to submit their HS transcript to the Purdue Global Office of the Registrar.

For official college transcripts, the official must be electronically sent (utilizing one of the ways mentioned below) to by the school, not a student, or sent via mail to the address below if the school is not part of the electronic process. Your college or University should have instructions on how they distribute transcripts.

Purdue University Global
550 West Van Buren, 7th Floor
Chicago, IL 60607

Common electronic transcript vendor services are:

Under current Federal laws, all or some portion of the Purdue Global Education benefits may be subject to income or FICA taxes. It is the policy of Purdue University to comply with Federal and State laws requiring the reporting of such income and withholding of such taxes. The University’s Human Resources Service Center will deduct the required tax withholdings from the employee’s regular paycheck during the semester period. An appropriate information return may be issued to an official retiree or to the Qualifying Surviving Spouse/Dependent of a deceased employee.

Taxable items
Applicant* Enrollment Tax Implications
Regular Employee applying for PG Education Benefit Undergraduate Tax-Free
Graduate / Professional Tax Benefits are taxable per IRS
regulations after the first $5,250
Staff Spouse applying for PG Education Benefit Remission or Qualifying Surviving Spouse Remission Undergraduate Tax-Free
Graduate / Professional All remission benefits are taxable
Dependent Child / Step-Child applying for PG Education Benefit (up to age 24) Undergraduate Tax-Free
Dependent Child / Step-Child applying for PG Education Benefit (up to age 24) Graduate / Professional All remission benefits are taxable
Non-Dependent Child / Step-Child applying for PG Education Benefit (or over age 24) Undergraduate, Graduate, or Professional All remission benefits are taxable
Sons/Daughters-in-law, Grandchildren, and Step-Grandchildren applying for PG Education Benefit Undergraduate, Graduate, or Professional All remission benefits are taxable
Surviving Child, Dependent of Staff/Official Retiree in Year of Death up to Age 24 Undergraduate Tax-Free
Surviving Child, Non-Dependent of Staff/Official Retiree in Year of Death Undergraduate, Graduate, or Professional All remission benefits are taxable
* For purposes above, any reference to Staff shall include an individual whose University status is “official retiree”.