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Training and Resources

Purdue supervisors operate within four management domains, each requiring a unique set of skills. These MBOK image & link domains are designed to heighten our supervisors’ contributions to the success of their direct reports and the university at-large. Purdue University has partnered with the American Management Association (AMA) to provide online access to the Management Body of Knowledge (MBOK) for supervisors. The MBOK provides foundational awareness of each management domain.  Learn more below about each domain and access workforce management training and resources.

Management Domains

Purpose: The AMA® Professional Effectiveness Domain encourages the mastery of personal awareness and interpersonal competencies. Collectively, this skillset heightens the supervisor’s self-awareness and ability to optimize communications amongst their direct reports, colleagues, and university leadership.   

Professional Effectiveness Competencies:
  1. Communications
  2. Emotional Intelligence
  3. Presentations

Key Resources:

Purpose: The AMA® Relationship Management Domain encourages the establishment and maintenance of essential professional and team relationships. These relationships are needed to support operational and strategic goals, a culture of trust, and successful collaborations.        

Relationship Management Competencies:

  1. Conflict Management
  2. Motivation
  3. Collaboration
  4. Influence
  5. Delegation
  6. Coaching for Performance
  7. Managing Change

Key Resources

Purpose: The AMA® Business Acumen Domain promotes the supervisor’s understanding of the  university’s functional operations, strategic priorities, and our approach to customer service.                

Business Acumen Competencies:

  1. Managing Projects
  2. Financial Acumen
  3. Customer Focus
  4. Talent Management

Key Resources

Purpose: The AMA® Analytical Intelligence Domain encourages the application of systems thinking, critical analysis, and the heightened use of data analysis to support university objectives and decision making.           

Analytical Intelligence Competencies:

  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Managing and Mastering Data

Key Resources

Initiate a Supervisor 360 Feedback Assessment

Supervisor feedback is an invaluable resource. Preview our SuccessFactors Supervisor 360 Feedback Assessment with questions and tips for launching an assessment