Look what’s back: Healthy Boiler Wellness Program returns for 2019

The Healthy Boiler Wellness Program – introduced in 2018 as a way to encourage benefits-eligible employees (and spouses covered on a Purdue health plan) to engage in healthy lifestyle choices and earn monetary incentives – is back again for 2019. 

Taking care of your health is important and can lead to better quality of life. That’s why we reward your healthy lifestyle efforts through our Healthy Boiler Wellness Program. While the goal is the same for 2019, the program has been revamped with new objectives and a new incentive-pay structure. For 2019, Purdue will offer incentives for eligible employees and spouses who complete the activities below. The 2019 Healthy Boiler Wellness Program runs from October 1, 2018 through September 30, 2019.

“We are excited to bring back our Healthy Boiler Wellness Program for 2019,” said Candace Shaffer, director of benefits in human resources. “Our focus for 2019 will be on the important of preventive care, specifically getting your annual physical and biometrics screening. In addition, we are adding in system-wide competitions for 2019 as another way to create a community of health and wellness. All employees are encouraged to participate and use the competitions as a fun, friendly, competitive way to better their health.” 

Here is how it works
Employee Only Coverage
Employee + Spouse Coverage
Employee + Child Coverage
Employee + Family Coverage*
Complete annual physical with biometrics screening
$325 – Employee
$325 – Employee
$325– Spouse

$650– Employee
$325 – Employee
$325– Spouse





 * Child(ren) are not eligible for incentives

How do I register and track my objectives for Healthy Boiler?

You must register and set up your Healthy Boiler account before your spouse may register. If you registered for 2018, you are already set up!

To register:

  • Visit the Healthy Boiler portal and click Register.
  • Complete the required registration information.
    • If you are the Purdue employee, select “Employee” for Member Type.
    • If you are the spouse of a Purdue employee, select “Spouses” for Member Type.
    • Under Eligibility information, enter the Purdue employee’s 10-digit PUID number and first and last name as it appears on pay stub.
    • Continue as prompted to finish registration.

To enter and track objectives:

Through the Healthy Boiler Wellness Program portal, employees will log their activities and other information related to the 2019 wellness incentive as well as be able to access supporting health and wellness resources.

The portal is accessible at www.healthyboiler.com. Employees and covered spouses will need to register to access the site. Please note: employees must register and login first in order to allow spousal access to the site.

The “Earn” tab in the top navigation details how to log activities to earn incentive credit.

Wellness incentives

Like in 2018, incentive payments will be deposited on a quarterly basis through your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Health Reimbursement Account (HRA).

  • If you have an HSA: Payments for both you and your spouse, if eligible, will be deposited directly to your HSA.
  • If you don’t have an HSA: You will receive payments to an HRA which Purdue will set up. HRA’s are similar to flexible spending accounts (FSA). HRA funds can be used for the same types of health expenses as the FSAs; like the FSAs, funds do not roll over at the end of the calendar year.








More information

To stay up-to-date on all things Healthy Boiler, visit the Healthy Boiler Website and Healthy Boiler Portal, follow the Healthy Boiler Purdue blog at https://healthyboilerpurdue.com and follow Healthy Boiler on social media: