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Graduate Staff Benefits


Those employed in a graduate staff position(s) which carries a minimum of 0.50 FTE/half time/20 hours per week or more or a graduate student with a fellowship administered as an assistantship on the West Lafayette campus are eligible for the partially funded graduate staff medical insurance plan and other benefits listed on this page (with the exception of Leaves, which are available to graduate staff which meet the FTE criteria on all Purdue campuses).


Enrollment in your benefits is a two-step process. For returning graduate staff, elections made during the annual open enrollment period will be in effect from August 1, 2019, through July 31, 2020.* For new hires and newly eligible graduate staff, medical elections will be in effect from the first of the month in which you are hired through July 31, 2020, and dental and other voluntary benefit elections will be in effect beginning with your hire date.* Once an election is made, graduate staff voluntary benefits (including dental) will continue until you opt-out during open enrollment or with a qualifying life event.*

*Note: Benefits are only in effect while you are in an eligible graduate staff position; therefore, if you lose that eligibility (e.g., loss of funding), your medical/prescription benefits will end on the last day of the month in which you were eligible. All other benefits will end on the last date you were eligible.

It is important to complete the steps below as changes cannot be made outside of your new hire/newly eligible 30-day window without a qualifying life event until the next open enrollment in 2020. See the “Resources” section near the bottom of this page for enrollment instructions for both steps.

  1. Medical Insurance (includes standalone vision plan with VSP)
  2. Dental and other Voluntary Benefits
    • To enroll, go to the OneCampus Portal and click the Benefitfocus link (shown below)
    • Log in with your Purdue career account username and BoilerKey information. BoilerKey is required for system access including the open enrollment portal. For information and instructions, visit BoilerKey site.
    • Note: A valid Social Security Number is required to be on file with our records before you can gain access to Benefitfocus.  See "important Information for International Students" below for more information.


Medical Insurance

Prescription Drugs

  • Pharmacy Benefits Guide
  • IngenioRx became the new pharmacy benefit manager for Purdue's student and graduate staff prescription coverage on 7/1/19. No changes were made to the drug formulary (what is covered) or to the network. Purdue University Pharmacy is still preferred for students.

Vision Insurance

Dental Insurance

Other Voluntary Benefits


 Retirement Plans


Purdue University requires all international students to participate in a University-sponsored medical insurance plan or to obtain an approved waiver of coverage. Additionally, failure to enroll or obtain an approved waiver may negatively impact your legal status per federal immigration regulations. To review the criteria for eligibility and apply for a waiver, please visit

If you do not enroll in the graduate staff medical plan by 5 p.m.ET on September 9, Purdue University will place a hold on your academic record which affects your ability to register for classes, obtain transcripts or graduate.  You must then go to the Student Insurance Office in PUSH, rooms 338-340, to enroll in the International Student Medical & Dental Insurance plan and pay a $200 late enrollment fee before the hold can be removed. You will not be able to enroll in the other available graduate staff benefits again until the following plan year.

If you do not have a valid Social Security Number, please apply for it right away.  You are not required to have one before enrolling in the graduate staff medical plan, but you must have it before you can access the Benefitfocus enrollment portal in order to enroll in dental and voluntary benefits and you may not receive the email notification from Human Resources telling you when you have access to Benefitfocus, depending on the timing in which you obtain your SSN. After you’ve given your business office your new SSN and confirmed they’ve entered the update in your employment record, you may follow the instructions in step 2 under "Enrollment" above.



Academic HealthPlans (AHP)

Registration, payment of premiums and enrollment in the graduate staff medical insurance plan

Human Resources – Benefits

Eligibility, Benefitfocus enrollment issues, benefits-related payroll deductions, as well as information on the graduate staff medical insurance plan, graduate staff vision plan, voluntary retirement savings plans and dental and voluntary benefits.

 Student Insurance Office - Purdue Student Health Services (PUSH), 3rd Floor

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