Event Guide

Add News/Events

Admin Hub offers a convenient way to add a news item or calendar event to your center/institutes website. All events will automatically be added to the Discovery Park calendar. 

Event Promotion Checklist

  • Create an event on your Center/Institute’s website using Admin Hub
  • Have digital signage created, contact Linda Howell (lahowell@purdue.edu) who will post it on Discovery Park’s Digital Signage. She can also share with all of campus- but you’ll need to let her know. Make sure to include any information needed for the post:
    • Event Info (Name, Date, Time, Location)
    • Image
    • Logo(s)
    • Contact information
  • Promote via Social Media (Does your Center/Institute have it’s own social media account? If not, contact Nicole Finley (kingman@purdue.edu) who will have it posted on Discovery Park’s accounts. Make sure to include any information needed for the post:
    • Date it needs to be posted
    • Any text to include
    • Image
    • Any hashtag, or tags
  • Promote via your Center/Institute website’s front page. If you need help please contact the DP website team (dpweb@purdue.edu)
  • If you’d like to submit your event to be featured on the “Featured News and Events” on the Discovery Park home page, please e-mail the DP website team (dpweb@purdue.edu) (Features will be chosen by Discovery Park leadership) To be considered, your event must be: 
    • High profile
    •  An event/news item in Admin Hub with a photo

Helpful Links

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