Big Idea Challenge 2.0

Building upon the success of the first round of “The Discovery Park Big Idea Challenge” program that has kick-started several outstanding, highly interdisciplinary research programs focusing on addressing global challenges, we are thrilled to announce that we are launching a second round of the program on The Discovery Park Big Idea Challenge 2.0”. The program will provide resources to META-disciplinary teams of Purdue faculty and students pursuing bold proposals that go well beyond traditional inter- and multidisciplinary efforts. These projects will position the university as a leader in generating new insights and game-changing, disruptive contributions to solving global challenges in health, security and sustainability, as well as in the enabling science and technology of the quantum, digital and nano revolutions.

Integrative Data Science Research

Discovery Park has launched eight integrative data science research projects as part of Purdue’s Integrative Data Science Initiative.

Tomás Díaz de la Rubia, Discovery Park’s chief scientist and executive director, launched the research focus of the data science initiative by coordinating an internal funding opportunity for ambitious proposals that apply data science to pressing, socially relevant issues.

Discovery Park received 52 proposals addressing multidisciplinary data science applications, with teams representing 10 colleges and involving 172 Purdue faculty from 48 departments in response to a request for proposals in mid-March 2018.

The selected projects create synergies among researchers from across disciplines to work together and explore data science questions at the nexus of health care; defense; ethics, society and policy; and fundamentals, methods and algorithms.

Support for research and integrative teams, data science fellowships, and alliances with strategic partners are among the activities being coordinated by Díaz de la Rubia.

Arequipa Nexus Institute

The Universidad Nacional de San Agustín (UNSA) in Arequipa, Peru and Purdue University in Indiana, USA through the Center for the Environment (C4E) have partnered to create a bold new research, education, and innovation institute to work together on key challenges to a sustainable future for the peoples of Arequipa. The Arequipa Nexus Institute for Sustainable Food, Energy, Water and the Environment (The Nexus Institute) launched its multiphase collaboration in March 2018.

Big Idea Challenge

To spark additional interdisciplinary research on global challenges, we have launched a program called “The Discovery Park Big Idea Challenge”. The program provides resources to interdisciplinary teams of Purdue faculty and students pursuing bold proposals. These projects position the university as a leader in generating new insights and game-changing, disruptive contributions to solving global challenges in health, security and sustainability, as well as in the enabling science and technology of the digital and nano revolutions.

The path to meeting these goals is long and complex. Although this program cannot provide the full resources required to create the ultimate solution to a global challenge, it is designed to nucleate ideas and create opportunities for new and significant external funding—both public and private. At the same time, it charts new pathways to discoveries, innovations, and social and policy solutions, while training the next generation of future interdisciplinary talent.

Watch the presentations from the inaugural BIC winning teams during the Discovery Park 2018 Convergence Conference

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Our transportation system will likely undergo major transformation in the coming decades as technology allows us to move people and freight in safer and more efficient ways. Autonomous vehicles will be a part of this future, and will have far-reaching societal and political impact that must be understood.

Interdisciplinary teams will be the key to assessing this shift in transportation norms, examining the economics, design, ethics, policies and legalities necessary to enable a more connected and mobile society.

Discovery Park Undergraduate Research Internship Program (DURI)

The Discovery Park Undergraduate Research Internship (DURI) program is designed to involve Purdue undergraduates in the interdisciplinary research environment of Discovery Park. The program provides opportunities for students to work with researchers affiliated with Discovery Park on cutting edge research projects that involve combining two or more disciplinary strengths. Working closely with researchers, students experience the excitement, challenge, and power of truly interdisciplinary research in the fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment that is Purdue's Discovery Park.

DURI offers 50 part-time (6-10 hours/week) student internship slots per academic semester.