The Pace of Life and Feeding: Health Implications

The pace of life is fast and accelerating nationally and globally with uncertain effects on nutrition and health. A conference titled, “The Pace of Life and Feeding: Health Implications” will be held at Purdue University on Oct 2-4, 2017 to explore the historic, current and future consequences of changing lifestyles on diet quality and health. The conference program will be comprised of a plenary lecture on the evolutionary ecology of feeding practices followed by sessions critically reviewing knowledge on 1) Time allocation across subsistence economies: Spatiotemporal variation in human eating; 2) Clocks, hormones and environment; 3) The microstructure of eating; 4) The Built environment, 5) Snacking; and 6) Innovation in eating patterns. The goal will be to: A) objectively assess current knowledge, B) identify key areas of needed future research and C) determine promising approaches that may be taken by researchers, the food industry, health care providers and policy makers to translate current and emerging knowledge to improve the health of individuals and the population.



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