Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Osvaldo Campanella, Ph.D. Professor


Department of Agricultural Economics

James Binkley, Ph.D. Professor

James Eales, Ph.D. Professor


Department of Animal Sciences

Kolapo Ajuwon, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Shawn Donkin, Ph.D. Professor

John Patterson, Ph.D. Associate Professor 


Department of Anthropology

Bryce A. Carlson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Melissa Remis, Ph.D. Professor


Department of Biological Sciences

Ignacio Camarillo, Ph.D. Associate Professor


Department of Child Development and Family Studies

Melissa Franks, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth, Ph.D. Professor

Blake Jones, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 


Department of Food Science

Mario Ferruzzi, Ph.D. Associate Professor

Bruce Hamaker, Ph.D. Professor, Director of Whistler Center

Kee-Hong Kim, Ph.D. Assistant Professor


Department of Health and Kinesiology

Tim Gavin, Ph.D. Professor and Department Head 


Department of Mechanical Engineering

Ashlie Martini, Ph.D. Assistant Professor


Department of Nutrition Science

Kimberly Buhman, Ph.D. Associate Professor

John Burgess, Ph.D. Associate Professor

Wayne Campbell, Ph.D. Professor

James Daniel, Ph.D. Associate Professor

James Fleet, Ph.D. Professor

Nana Gletsu-Miller, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 

Ryan Grant, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 

Elsa Janle, Ph.D. Research Associate Professor

Richard Mattes, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor, Director of IBRC

Charles Santerre, Ph.D. Professor

Dennis Savaiano, Ph.D. Professor

Silvia D. Stan, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Jon Story, Ph.D. Professor and Associate Dean of the Graduate School

Dorothy Teegarden, Ph.D. Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs

Connie Weaver, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor, Head of Nutrition Science


Other Department of Nutrition Science Faculty/Staff

Marleen Troyer, Assistant to the Head

Donna Vandegraff, Extension Specialist

Elwood Walls, Continuing Lecturer

Rachel Clark

Dinah Dalder

Donna Zoss


Department of Psychological Sciences

Julia Chester, Ph.D. Associate Professor

Edward A. Fox, Ph.D. Associate Professor

Kimberly Kinzig, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Robert Phillips, Ph.D. Research Associate Professor

Terry L. Powley, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor

Theodore Wachs, Ph.D. Professor


Office of the Vice President of Research

Perry Kirkham, Ph.D. Project Coordinator


School of Health Sciences 

Wei Zheng, Ph.D. Professor, Head of Health Sciences


School of Nursing

Nancy Edwards, Ph.D. Associate Professor


School of Veterinary Medicine

Lynetta Freeman, Associate Professor


Indiana University School of Medicine:

Department of Medicine

Robert Considine, Ph.D. Professor

Department of Neurology

David Kareken, Ph.D. Professor

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