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Campus Support Staff Advisory Committee

Purdue Employee Activity Program (P.E.A.P)

The objective of the P.E.A.P. subcommittee is to plan/sponsor trips to various locales and/or functions, which would be of interest to the clerical and service staff of the University. Purdue faculty, staff, official retirees, students and their families and friends are welcome to participate in all planned/sponsored trips.

    Purdue CSSAC night at the Indiana Pacers on October 22

As part of Purdue University CSSAC and Purdue University Hat Night, you are invited to participate in a special group night with the Indiana Pacers!  Invite your friends and family as we site together as a group and receive a special discounted ticket price!  Deadline to order has been extended to October 14 - order your tickets now by clicking the link below.

Find more details here:  Indiana Pacers Game

    Sign up now for the annual Chicago Shopping Trip

This yearly favorite is back; get ready to board the bus to Chicago!

Find more details here:  Chicago's Magnificent Mile Shopping Trip

Do you have a suggestion for a future trip?  Send an email to: or contact a member of the PEAP subcommittee




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