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Campus Support Staff Advisory Committee

Executive Subcommitee

The executive subcommittee's function is to provide general leadership and guidance to the full CSSAC. This subcommittee is made up of the CSSAC subcommittee chairs and meets monthly prior to the full meeting to plan the agenda and discuss membership and bridge issues or concerns.  It also serves as the membership committee which facilitates the membership application process, and it provides a confidential mail service for staff to address concerns through the bridge subcommittee.  The online bridge form is available here.

You can email the subcommittee at:, or contact a member below.

Subcommittee Members

Laurie Hitze, CSSAC chair, 

Rendi Tharp, CSSAC vice chair, 

Dan Bollock, Professional Development chair, 

Carla Briggs, Communications chair, 

Jennifer Kawlewski, PEAP chair, 

Kathy Obrien, Outreach & Education chair,