Membership Criteria: Full, Associate and Affiliate

To navigate the application process of becoming a full, associate or affiliate member of the Institute for Cancer Research, please see the criteria and guidelines below: 

Full members* will meet at least two of the following criteria: 

  • Principal or co-investigator (% effort) on peer-reviewed, cancer-related grants from the approved NCI list of external agencies
  • Investigators with an active history of cancer-related, collaborative publications within the past two years
  • Investigators with an active history of cancer-related funding in the past four years and who are in the process of seeking cancer-related funding from the approved NCI list of external agencies 
  • Serve in a leadership role at the institute
  • Value-added collaborative complement to cancer-related research such as, but not limited to pathology, radiology, comparative oncology and data sciences
  • Newly recruited† junior faculty with cancer-focused research that do not yet have cancer-related grants from the approved NCI list of external agencies
  • Newly recruited† junior faculty with an active history of cancer-related publications 

Associate Members* 

The associate member demonstrates an interest in cancer-related research but does not qualify as a full member. Associate members are invited to attend program meetings and events to encourage development of collaborative cancer research. Associate members do not qualify for institute-supported rates when using shared institute resources; however, the institute encourages associate members to be co-investigators with full members and/or other associate members on the institute's internal peer-reviewed funding mechanisms to promote and build emerging cancer-focused research. 

Associate members also may include current faculty in institutional leadership positions or retired/senior faculty (i.e. emeriti) who contribute to the overall mission of the institute. These faculty retain interest and participation in institute activities. Associate members do not contribute to Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG)-related metrics. 

Affiliate Members* 

Engaged in cancer-related research as documented by a strong record of peer-reviewed publications with direct relevance to cancer in active collaboration with a full member. This membership will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will include those at other NCI-designated cancer centers or research institutions. If the evidence of strong collaboration dissipates, then the membership of the candidate will be re-evaluated. 

* All membership categories require academic appointments (research, clinical or tenured/tenure track) at Purdue University or from a member at an NCI-designated cancer center. 

† This category includes individuals who have received, in collaboration with an academic unit, direct financial support or research space from the institute as part of a recruitment package. 

Application Process 

Consideration for any membership level can be initiated by nomination from a full member or department head or by recommendation from the appropriate institute program leader. Individuals applying for membership should submit an application via the website. The application must include the following files: 

  • Nomination letter
  • Statement describing the scope and relevance of the individual’s cancer-related research (no more than two pages)
  • Current NIH biographical sketch with current/recent and completed grant support 

The application will be reviewed by the appropriate program leadership who will meet with the applicant. The program leaders will provide a recommendation for membership, including a justification of fit at the institute and in the respective program to the executive committee. The executive committee will vote on whether to recommend the application for membership to the institute director, who will make the final decision.

Member Responsibilities 

There is significant reporting associated with the NCI-Cancer Center Support Grant. Accepting membership in the institute indicates a willingness to supply information related to their research direction, grants, shared resource use, and publications to the program leaders, senior leaders, and institute administration. 

The effectiveness of the Institute for Cancer Research and its continued designation as an NCI-designated cancer center is measured by: 

  • The research successes of its members
  • The productivity and value-added research support of core facilities
  • Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaborations among the members
  • Active participation in institute events and symposia. The institute uses these events to promote collaboration among its members
  • Participation in the training and education of students and associated activities
  • Participation in internal center review committees and other ad hoc committees
  • Participation in internal center review committees and other ad hoc committees 

Membership Privileges 

Full Members 

Associate Member 

Membership Review

Institute members will be reviewed at appropriate intervals by the executive committee. Members will be expected to meet membership criteria for their respective membership category, as evidenced by continued productivity in cancer-related research (peer-reviewed publications; currently active, cancer-related peer-reviewed funding; training activities in cancer research and education; national and community service, including study sections, consultation to NCI, etc.) and service to the institute (administrative contributions;  committees, in-house peer-review activities; community/educational activities). A letter of change in membership status will be communicated to the member by the Office of the Director. 


For questions or concerns, please contact:

Douglas Cuttell
Managing Director