Purdue Center for Cancer Research Membership

At the Purdue Center for Cancer Research (PCCR), we bring together experts across disciplines to defeat cancer. We invite new faculty to apply to join us in collaborative cancer research.

Selection of members for the center’s programs is one of the most critical decisions made by leadership. Functional and productive programs select individuals for their scientific excellence and, just as importantly, for their commitment to work together to further the scientific goals of PCCR. The expectation is that members will have peer-reviewed, funded research programs; however, in cases where unfunded members make significant contributions to the research objectives of PCCR, their roles will be carefully described. 

Collaborators from other National Cancer Institute-designated cancer centers or research institutions may be PCCR program members. The funded research projects of these members do not count toward the funding base of the program or PCCR, but publications arising from these projects may be counted toward the overall productivity of the program for which they are assigned. 

All membership categories require academic appointments: Research (must demonstrate independent research), clinical or tenure track at Purdue University or from a member at an NCI-designated cancer center. 

PCCR Membership Guidelines

PCCR Membership Application Portal

For questions about PCCR membership, please contact Managing Director Doug Cuttell.