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Big Data Training for Cancer Research 

Application for 2022 Summer Workshop is open now! [flyer]

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Application deadline is Tuesday, February 1, 2022.

2022 Summer Workshop is planned to be held virtually!


Summer 2022 Purdue University

Purdue University Center for Cancer Research (PCCR) and Indiana University Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center (IUSCCC) are pleased to announce the annual NCI-funded workshop on "Big Data Training for Cancer Research" on May 13-27, 2022. This 14-day intensive workshop will help cancer researchers develop skills for managing, visualizing, analyzing, and integrating various types of omics data in cancer studies. The course is open to cancer researchers including oncologists, faculty, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students. Individuals from underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply.

The format of the workshop includes a combination of short instructional videos, special guest lectures, real-data analysis practices, and live demonstration sessions. The workshop aims to improve practical bioinformatics skills and computational competency. Using established tools and publicly available resources, we will focus on the analysis and interpretation of genomic and genetic data, making it more suitable for researchers with limited big data analytical skills. Applications will be considered from all qualified faculty, clinicians, postdocs, and post-prelim graduate students in cancer research.

Workshop topics include:

  • Using public databases and tools to better understand the molecular basis of cancer
  • Differential expression analysis using bulk and single-cell RNA-seq data
  • Use of Next Generation Sequencing data for ChIP-seq and epigenetics
  • Visualization and functional assessment of data
  • Network construction and meta-analysis
  • Genome variation and genome-wide association study

Prerequisites for the workshop:

  • A semester-long statistics course or equivalent
  • Have completed coursework related to cancer biology
  • Actively working in cancer research
  • Graduate students must have passed their preliminary/admission to candidacy exam

There is no cost for registration and tuition!* The workshop is planned to be held virtually, but there is a possibility for participants to attend the workshop on-site at Purdue University, in West Lafayette, IN, depending on the COVID-19 situation. There would be no cost for lodging, and travel scholarships would be available for a limited number of participants. Please watch our website for updates.

 The BigCare Team 

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