45+ years of discovery

After its inception in 1976, the Purdue Center for Cancer Research (PCCR) received its National Cancer Institute (NCI) Basic Laboratory Cancer Center designation in 1978 and has maintained its designation every year since. PCCR is one of 71 NCI-designated cancer centers in the United States, and one of only seven basic laboratory centers. 

PCCR's “basic” designation means that PCCR focuses 100% of its efforts on laboratory research and does not provide patient services. 


1976 PCCR is founded 

1978 PCCR receives NCI Basic Laboratory Cancer Center designation 

1981 Four floors of Hansen Life Sciences Research Building established as PCCR’s permanent home 

1989 Walther Cancer Institute scientific partnership begins 

1990s Development of Purdue Research Parks gets underway 

2004 Partnership launched with IU Simon Cancer Center 

2007 Timothy Ratliff becomes PCCR director 

2018 Tyler Trent becomes first student on Advancement Board 

2018 Walther Cancer Foundation donates $10 million of matching funds for endowments 

2018 Philip Low develops a method for using patient’s own cells to fight their cancer — and intends to fight osteosarcoma first. Trial starts in May 2019. 

2019 Tyler Trent Endowment reaches $1 million