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Coaching and Resource Network cited as a positive intervention
Chun, Edna B.  and Alvin Evans. 2021. “The Value of Intergenerational Faculty Mentoring.” Academic Leader. March Issue. https://www.academic-leader.com/2021/03/
Chun, Edna B. and Alvin Evans. 2021. Leveraging Multigenerational Workforce Strategies in Higher Education. Series on new Critical Viewpoints on Society. New York: Routledge.

In Higher Ed Sources/Outlets

(a) Opinion pieces
Riley, Donna and Mangala Subramaniam. Applying an Equity Lens to COVID Impact Statements. Inside Higher Ed, November 12, 2021. See here.
Subramaniam, Mangala. What Could University Statements Convey as a Response to Incidents of Racial/Ethnic Violence? May 14, 2021. See here.
(b) Interviews
Interview with Mangala Subramaniam. Prioritizing and Institutionalizing DEI on campus part 2. Mini-pod - Part 2. APL nextED, September 8, 2021.
Interview with Mangala Subramaniam. Prioritizing and Institutionalizing DEI on campus. Mini-pod - Part 1. APL nextED, September 1, 2021.
Cover Story, Challenging Stereotypes, in Higher Ed Digest (international edition), July 2021, is an interview with Dr. Mangala Subramaniam. https://www.highereducationdigest.com/july-2021-international-edition-must-watch-colleges-and-universities-in-the-us-for-indian-students-special/
Interview with Dr. Mangala Subramaniam for the Podcast Series, In the Margins, April 2021. This interview is about retention of faculty of color and related topics. 
‎In The Margins: EP 25 Best Practices in Minority Faculty Recruitment & Retention — An Interview with Dr. Mangala Subramaniam on Apple Podcasts
(c) Best Practices Tools: Begun in fall 2020 to serve as guides for transformative change and as input for procedures and policies.
Tool #1 & 3, Documenting the impact of COVID-19 on tenure track/tenured faculty and non tenure track faculty respectively and Tool #2: Impact of COVID-19 on Faculty: What can Purdue Do?  cited by other universities & Chronicle of Higher Education.
Pettit, Emma. “Faculty Members Are Suffering Burnout. These Strategies Could Help. Without them, academe could lose women and people of color.” Chronicle of Higher Education, February 25, 2021.
Pettit, Emma. Burned Out and Overburdened: How to support the faculty. Report of Chronicle of Higher Education, January 2021.
McMurtrie, Beth. “Teaching: How to Make Breakout Rooms Work Better.” Chronicle of Higher Education December 10, 2020.
(d) Conferences
In sharing some tips, strategies and resources to help midcareer scholars overcome barriers to promotion, the Center’s Conference for Associate Professors is referenced in the following article.
Blain, Keisha N. “in From Associate to Full Professor.” Inside Higher Ed, May 22, 2020


Alcalde, Cristina and Mangala Subramaniam (equal authors). “Women in Leadership Positions: Challenges and Recommendations” Inside Higher Ed, July 17, 2020 https://www.insidehighered.com/views/2020/07/17/women-leadership-academe-still-face-challenges-structures-systems-and-mind-sets
Subramaniam, Mangala. “Making Tenure: Purdue’s Butler Center Hosts a Conference for Pre-tenure Women.” Sociologists for Women in Society Network News Fall 2017.