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General FAQs

What is Concur Travel and Expense?

Answer: Concur Travel and Expense is a hosted, web-based system integrating a complete travel booking solution with an expense reporting tool.

Do I have to use Concur Travel and Expense?

Answer: Yes, it will be necessary to use Concur Travel and Expense to reconcile Visa Travel Card charges, and be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses. It is strongly encouraged to use the Concur Travel and Expense booking feature to take advantage of efficiencies and potential cost savings.

Why should I use Concur Travel and Expense?

Answer: The system includes an online travel reservation system that is very similar to typical online travel reservation systems; built in business rules to assist travelers with the multiple travel rules; replaces the current paper intensive process; allows the traveler to do business via their smartphone with Concur's mobile app. All of which facilitate quicker reimbursements.

How do I log in to Concur Travel and Expense?

Answer: Go to Purdue Employee Portal and click on the Concur Travel System icon. Log in with your career account information.

What is my user ID for Concur Travel and Expense?

Answer: Go to Purdue Employee Portal and click on the Concur Travel System icon. Log in with your career account information.

How do I assign a delegate?

Answer: Go to Business@Purdue and select 'Travel'.  Find the Add or Delete Delegates in Concur Travel and Expense QRC under Profile.

Is there a mobile app?

Answer: Yes. Concur for Mobile is available for Blackberry, iPhone, and Android devices.

How do I book group travel?

Answer: Group trave can be arranged by calling ALTOUR directly at 1-855-512-7955.

How should travel for undergrade student groups be handled?

Answer: Travel for all non-employees, including undergraduate students should be handled using the same process that is currently in place. For additional help, contact the Travel Department.

Can I reserve a University Vehicle using Concur?

Answer: No, to reserve a University Vehicle complete Form 1.

On what browsers can Concur be used?

How can I check the status of the system if I encounter an error when working in Concur?

Answer: Internet Explorer 8.0, 9.0, 10.0 and 11.0 are fully supported by Concur and are the recommended browser when using Concur.

Firefox 33.0, 34.0, 35.0; Google Chrome 38.0, 39.0 and 40.0; Safari  5.0.5, 5.1, 6.0 and 7.0, and Internet Explorer 7.0 browsers and various operating system combinations may work with Concur Travel & Expense service, but may not show all the information as necessary.  Concur Technologies is only able to provide support for those listed above.

How can I check the status of the system if I encounter an error when working in Concur?

Answer: The Concur Open Dashboard http://open.concur.com/ provides users a glimpse at system outages and interruptions.


Pre-Trip FAQs

What should I do the first time I log into Concur Travel and Expense?

Answer: The first time you log in, you should review your traveler profile for completeness and accuracy.

When do I need pre-trip approval?

Answer: Pre-Trip Approval is only required if it meets the following criteria:

  • International and funded by ARO
  • International and funded by EPA
  • International and funded by a State Sponsored grant
  • DOE Lab
  • Sponsor required
  • Departmental Mandate
  • When a pre-trip cash advance is requested
  • Students traveling internationally to countries under warning
  • When a flight upgrade is requested

Pre-trip approval is obtained through the completion of a “Trip Request” in the Concur Travel and Expense System, which is incorporated into the booking process.

When can I go straight to booking, and when should I only complete the trip request?

Answer: The only time you should create a “Trip Request” is when the trip is $0 to Purdue, and when you are booking a common carrier outside of the Concur Travel and Expense system.

What if I book outside of Concur Travel and Expense?  How do I get reimbursed?

Answer: All reimbursements must be made by submitting an expense report in Concur. However, by not booking through Concur you will lose some of the efficiencies the system provides.

Will I be able to store frequent flyer or other loyalty program information?

Answer: Yes, this is done in the employee profile within Concur Travel and Expense.

Will someone else be able to make my travel arrangements for me?

Answer: Yes. You can assign access in your profile to as many travel arrangers as you need. The implementation of Concur Travel and Expense should have no effect on who makes your travel arrangements.  Go to your Profile and either scroll to the page to the “Assistants and Travel Arrangers” box, or click “Assistants/Arrangers” from the My Profile menu on the left side of the page. Click Add an Assistant to add the person who you would like to authorize to book your travel. This person can update your profile and make any travel arrangements for you.  Arrangers or assistants must have their own login.

Will someone else be able to create my request on my behalf?

Answer: Yes. A delegate can create requests and expense reports on a traveler's behalf. The delegate can create the reports, but the traveler is required to submit it. This replaces the signature requirement. This can be done via a smartphone, which should decrease the processing time/reimbursement time.

How do I assign a delegate?

Answer: Go to Business@Purdue and select 'Travel'.  Find the Add or Delete Delegates in Concur Travel and Expense QRC under Profile.

Will my delegate be able to submit the request for me?

Answer: The traveler must make the first submission, but delegates may submit if it is returned for changes.

Where will my travel request be routed?

Answer: Upon submission of the request email notifications will be routed to the traveler, small fiscal approver, supervisor and delegate (if the delegate helped with arranging)



How do I pay for my travel arrangements?

Answer: Your profile will store your Purdue Visa Travel Card and may hold your personal credit card numbers. This site is secure and fully encrypted. You will have a choice of which credit card you wish to use when making the reservation. Please confirm all your credit card information is set up in your profile. If the information is missing you will not be able to continue with your reservation.  Internet fares require credit card numbers at the point of sale.

What if I can get a conference rate for a hotel that is better than the search results in Concur Travel and Expense?

Answer: You should go ahead and book the hotel outside of Concur Travel and Expense using your Purdue Visa Travel Card. There will be an opportunity to add it to your itinerary when booking your airfare, if applicable.

What is the most efficient way to find the best schedule and price?

Answer: The system is set up to default the results to “search by price”. If you cannot find the flight you are looking for you can search by schedule which allows you to build your own itinerary. Simply choose the appropriate radio button before clicking Search on the main Travel center page.

Search by Price will display itineraries Concur Travel and Expense suggests you take based on policy and may not show you all options or schedules.

Will I have access to make reservations with all airlines, rental cars and hotels?

Answer: Yes. Concur offers the same inventory (Global Distribution System) as all of the airlines, rental cars, hotels and other travel agencies or travel systems offer. The advantage that Concur offers is they partner with JetBlue and Southwest Airlines as well as some parking facilities and private car/taxi services so their inventory is more complete than any others. It truly is a one stop service which should reduce the time spent finding the best travel arrangements.

Can I book simple international reservations online?

Answer: Yes, you can can book international travel in Concur Travel. Due to the complexity of international faring, routing and rules, it is recommended that all complex (more than 2 legs) international travel should be booked through our international agents at ALTOUR. This dedicated group can check for the best airline rates and provide options as well as ensure you have proper travel documentation. If you just want to view international schedules you can do that on Concur Travel and Expense.

I am booking a domestic multi-leg trip, not a round trip.  Can Concur Travel support that?

Answer: Yes! You can book up to 6 legs of travel on one reservation in Concur Travel. From the home Travel Center page choose the Multi-Segment radio button above the Departure City box.

I am flying into one airport but need my car/hotel in a different location.  How do I make the request?

Answer: Do not choose a car/hotel while filling in your cities/dates on the main page. Continue through Concur Travel as if you are just doing an air only trip. Upon reserving your flight you will be presented with the Travel Details page. From this page you have the option to click on the icon Add Car/Add Hotel or Cancel Car/Cancel Hotel. This will allow you to choose where you want the car/hotel and for how long.

What if I need to change existing reservations?

Answer:  Contact Altour at 1-855-512-7955.

Can I add a car or hotel to an airline reservation after it is booked?

Answer: Yes. To add or modify your trip, click the name of the trip on the Upcoming Trips section of My Concur and then click Change Trip.

Where can I see my itinerary?

Answer: Concur Travel will send your itinerary to you immediately after you confirm the trip. ALTOUR will then email your final itinerary when it is ticketed. In addition, you can view your itinerary from the Trip List section on the My Concur page.

How are unused tickets tracked?  How are they used?

Answer: Each time you make an airline reservation, Concur Travel will automatically check to see if your unused ticket can be used towards the purchase of your new airline ticket. ALTOUR will make all attempts to utilize unused tickets however they cannot always guarantee it will be used since airline rules vary depending on many different criteria such as pricing, city pairs, date of travel, etc.

How are fixed meall/per diem allowances calculated in Concur Travel and Expense?

Answer: Fixed meal (Per diem, M&IE, subsistence) allowances will be created in Concur Travel and Expense by creating an “itinerary” in the expense report. By identifying the dates and destinations in the itinerary, Concur Travel and Expense will pull the appropriate CONUS/OCONUS rate from a table in the background.

If traveling and the first leg is domestic and the second leg is international, how should this be handled in Concur?

Answer: You should review your funding source guidelines for domestic (in or out of state) and international travel.  If it is allowable, the trip should be combined and labeled as international travel.  If it should be seperate, it would be two trips, one domestic (in or out of state) and one international.

I have seen Concur not allow the booking of a hotel that requires a deposit, it shows as out of policy.  Some international locations require a one night deposit at the time of booking.  Will this be allowed in the system or will the traveler have to call ALTOUR to make those arrangements?

Answer: If it is "grayed out"on the search results, it will not be allowed in Concur. In general, we do not allow a hotel charge anything before you stay, that is why they are grayed out in Concour. If there is no other option, they will have to call ALTOUR.

A user can book economy plus (a seat upgrade on a flight), and typically has to call the airline to do this for no fee. Can he now do this through the system? Should he call ALTOUR?

Answer: It’s not during the booking process in Concur Travel, generally this is done when the boarding passes are obtained online. But they can certainly call ALTOUR at any time after booking to get a seat change.

If someone was traveling internationally and it was easier/more cost effective to email ALTOUR instead of calling, what is the response time?

Answer: Same day response; could be within 2 hours but will be within 24 hours.

In the past, Risk Management would provide an insurance card to those people travelling internationally. I know they run reports and still protect our travelers, but do the travelers still receive that insurance card to carry with them?

Answer: Today they email the card when they receive the Form 17. In the Concur system Risk Management will run the reports daily and email the card to the traveler.

How to I know which vendors are e-receipt vendors?

Answer: Go to the E-receipt Vendor List.



Will someone else be able to create my expense report on my behalf?

Answer: Yes. A delegate can create expense reports on a traveler's behalf. The delegate can create the reports, but the traveler is required to submit it. This replaces the signature requirement. This can be done via a smartphone, which should decrease the processing time/reimbursement time.

What should I do with my original receipts?

Answer: Employees should keep orignal receipts until the report is fully approved and reimbursement received. In case the scanned/faxed receipts cannot be read, you will be able to re-attach them to the report in Concur Expense. Receipts will no longer be stored in the Central Files because all receipts are scanned and attached to the reports in Concur Expense.

What if I have expenses charged to my Visa Travel Card, but they are not in Concur Travel and Expense to attach to my expense report?

Answer: You should wait to submit those expenses until you do see them in the tool and can match them to a report. Do not enter the expenses manually since the payment will NOT go to JP Morgan Chase as it should. Some vendors do not submit charge card expenses timely and there could be as much as week delay.

How do I account for expenses I incurred on behalf of another employee who traveled with me?

Answer: You will allocate their expenses on your report by utilizing the attendee function in Concur.

When will my travel charges post to SAP?

Answer: All expenses will be extracted from Concur Travel and Expense and posted to SAP after the expense report is fully approved and paid.

What are eReceipts in Concur?

Answer: eReceipts are electronic itemized receipts that can be accepted in lieu of a scanned or attached receipt file. Employees are able to receive eReceipts for transactions from vendors who have an eReceipt agreement with Concur.

How do I enable eReceipts in Concur?

Answer: To enable eReceipts, employees must login to Concur. Click the Profile tab to view your profile options, and then select E-Receipt Activation. The E-Receipt Activation and User Agreement window will open. Read the agreement and then click “I Agree” to complete the eReceipt activation.

Can an e-receipt be sent to someone's personal e-mail address?

Answer: No, e-receipts cannot be sent an e-mail address. The e-receipt is accessible through the Receipt Store in Concur. Once the e-receipt is attached to an expense, it will be viewable through the Expense Report.

How far back are records kept in the system of past trips and expense trips?

Answer: The traveler can view back at least 12 months of their own expense reports.

Screen shot of expense report list, active reports

Some registrations still require a check be provided and do not accept credit cards. How should this expense be paid for?

Answer: Direct Invoice Voucher (DIV).  Cost should be added to Expense Report and noted as Company Paid.

What will the payroll deduction look like on my paycheck?

   Answer: It shows up in the bottom right hand corner of the statement in the “Post Tax Deductions” section. It is listed as a “Travel Overpayment”.

Will my delegate be able to submit my expense report?

Answer: The traveler must make the first submission, but delegates may submit if it is returned for changes.


Visa Travel Card

How do I change the limit on the Visa Travel Card?

Answer: To temporarily increase the limit for less than 2 cycles, complete the online request form. To permanently increase the limit (more than two cycles), complete necessary items on Appendix T and obtain appropriate signatures, forward form to Purchasing Card Operations for processing.

What happens to the Visa Travel Card when an employee leaves the University?

Answer: The card should be cancelled by completing the Appendix T and forwarding to Purchasing Card Operations for processing.

Do I have to activate my card?

Answer: Yes, call JP Morgan Chase at 1-866-602-8170

How do I set a PIN for my card?

Answer: Call JP Morgan Chasse at 1-800-316-6056

Why did my card get declined?

Answer: A purchase may be declined if trying to make a purchase at a vendor that has been blocked or if the card has exceeded its credit limit.

What do I do when my card is declined?

Answer: Contact Purchasing Card Operations by emailing tcard@purdue.edu

What if my card is lost or stolen?

Answer: Call JP Morgan Chase at 1-800-316-6056

What if there are fraudulent or unauthorized charges?

Answer: Call JP Morgan Chase at 1-800-316-6056

How do I dispute a charge?

Answer: To dispute a charge, first contact the vendor. If that does not resolve the issue, then contact JP Morgan Chase at 1-800-316-6056

What insurance benefits are available with the Visa Travel Card?

Answer: Worldwide Travel Accident Insurance $500,000; Common Carrier Baggage Reimbursement $1,250; Rental Car Collision Damage Waiver; Hotel/Motel Burglary Reimbursement $1,000

Many credit cards have a fee (usually a percentage) for all international purchases/charges.  Is there a fee on the Visa Travel Card? If so, what is it?

Answer: 1%

How long does it take for the charge to show in Concur 'Available Card Charges' after the Visa Travel Card has been used to pay for a travel expense?

Answer:  It can take 7-10 days (or longer for International charges) for the charge to come into the 'Available Card Charges' pane. Click here to see the steps a charge takes from the time of purchase/payment.


Mobile App

How is Concur's mobile app useful?

Answer: The solution enables business travelers to access important travel and expense information when it isn't easy to use a laptop that's connected to the Internet, such as in the back of a cab or in a meeting.  Concur's mobile app is a natural extension of Concur's full-featured, web-based service. With the mobile app, travelers can manage trips and expenses, and add items such as taxis, hotels, and rental cars – all from a mobile device.

Does the mobile app offer the same functionality as Concur's full-featured, web-based service?

Answer: This app is a mobile companion to Travel & Expense – offering the flexibility to perform tasks from a mobile device. While it complements Concur's end-to-end solution functionality, it does not contain full functionality.

Which mobile devices can be used with the mobile app?

Answer: Currently, the app can be used with the BlackBerry, Android, iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone. Go to Business@Purdue and select 'Travel'.  Find the Set up Your Mobile Device in Concur Travel and Expense QRC under Profile.

Is there a fee for the mobile app?

Answer: No. There is no additional charge to install or use the mobile app.

How does Concur ensure that personal information remains secure?

Answer: Concur's mobile app is designed to conduct transactions without transmitting sensitive credit card or other personal data. Clients' credit card information stays in Concur's secure data center only – not on the mobile device.

How does a user install Concur's mobile app?

Answer: The mobile app can be downloaded from the smart devices’ app store.  Go to Business@Purdue and select 'Travel'.  Find the Set up Your Mobile Device in Concur Travel and Expense QRC under Profile.

How does a user re-set his/her PIN?

Answer: Users can reset the mobile PIN on the Mobile Registration page (Profile > Mobile Registration in the web version of Concur).

Can my delegate manage my expenses and reports via the mobile app?

Answer: The mobile app does not support delegates or proxies.

Can a user capture an image of the receipt and attach the image to the expense?

Answer: Yes. All receipt images, captured by the mobile device's camera, will upload into Travel & Expense immediately or the next time the mobile app connects to the Internet.

With Concur's mobile app, can a traveler manage his/her trip itinerary?

Answer: A traveler can view his/her itineraries, with details about flights, hotels, rental cars, vendors, and maps. All device users can search for and book rental car, hotel, and Amtrak (flights cannot be booked using the mobile app).

Can a traveler change his/her itinerary?

Answer: Yes. A traveler can change his/her itinerary such as add or cancel hotels, taxis, or rental cars. Flight information cannot be changed using the mobile app.

Can a traveler restrict the search to see only hotel properties that support e-receipts?

Answer: No, hotels that provide e-receipts will be in search results but will not be noted.

What corporate card information is stored on the Mobile device?

Answer: The only piece of card information that is held on the mobile device is the name the user has set up for the corporate card (in Profile in the web version of Concur) and the last 4 digits. The full card number is never displayed on the device.

Which Travel Request features are available using Concur's mobile app?

Answer: A Travel Request Approver can use Concur's mobile app to view header, segment, and expected expense information as well as images. The approver can then approve the travel request or send it back to the travel request user.