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CILMAR’s Distinctives

Serving all Purdue faculty, staff and students wherever they are — on campus, online, or abroad

Scaling up impact—reaching more learners without sacrificing deep, meaningful experiences

Building intercultural champions on campus and beyond — through mentorship, a train-the-trainer model and accessible resources

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6 interactive, virtual Worldview Workshops designed to create "aha" moments and deep reflections for staff and faculty as they experience the complexities of cultural difference through facilitated dialogues and activities. Learn more

Welcome to our new CILMAR staff members!

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BEVI QS coming up!

The Beliefs, Events, and Values Inventory is an assessment used widely across the Purdue campus to measure development of intercultural competence, critical thinking, emotional resilience, attitudes towards the environment and gender, and more. The next qualifying seminar is coming up in September. Learn more