ELEVATE is an incentivized curricular innovation initiative that support majors, departments, or schools to help their students achieve the global skills and intercultural competence they need for their future. Offered by CILMAR and IDA+A, the ELEVATE is designed for:

  • Scaffolded intercultural competence development
  • Reaching all undergraduate students in program
  • Integration of intercultural learning throughout the curriculum
  • Curriculum mapping
  • Major-, department-, or school-level collaboration
  • Structural changes to program of study
  • Alignment with Embedded Learning Outcomes
  • Program-wide assessment
  • Evidence of growth

 5 Departments/Programs Involved in Pilot Year (2022-2023)

Department/Program College Year Initiated
Technology Leadership and Innovation Purdue Polytechnic Institute


Spanish and Portuguese Liberal Arts 2023
Biological Sciences Science 2023
Mechanical Engineering Engineering 2023
Undergraduate Elementary Teaching Certification Education 2023

For more information on ELEVATE, please contact Dr. Aletha Stahl or Dr. Tatjana Babic Williams.

Updated January 8, 2023