Worldview Workshops

If Purdue is to fulfill its promise to be a welcoming environment -- google Purdue welcoming environment to see how many campus units make this commitment -- then people on the front lines deserve support that equips them intellectually and emotionally to face the challenges embedded in that promise.

Worldview Workshops were created to provide just that. Designed for academic advisors, front office staff, and other faculty and staff in public-facing positions, they offer the opportunity to step back and ponder with others the role cultural difference plays in the daily work environment.

Consisting of six virtual sessions, five synchronous and one asynchronous, the Workshops use activities and facilitated dialogues to create the “aha” moments and deep reflection that lead to intercultural learning in the areas of self-awareness, communication, and empathy. They also recognize that each participant brings valuable experience and insights to the table and create a space for collaborative learning to the degree each participant feels comfortable.

Participants who complete all six sessions earn a certificate.

The schedule for Fall 2023 is as follows:

Fall 2023 WvW Schedule

Registration is open here.

Worldview Workshop Certificate Recipients

Spring 2023
Danica Andersen
Trevor Bonjour
Tatum Carter
Kristin Dill
Jane Johanning
Corrinne Lim-Kessler
Elizabeth Long
Martha Lucht
Kathryn Orvis
Jessie Scott
Amber Smith
Qian Song
Rena Sterrett
Sheri Tague
Christina Wilson-Frank
Janet York
Libby Zupancic
Fall 2022
Andres Bejarano Posada
Shannon Cassady
Leslie Fairchild
Ashley Fawcett
Jacenda Gilman
Michele Holcombe
Angelic Howe
Aparajita Jaiswal
Penelope Kelly
Mary Beth Lencke
Meghan Marino
Margaret Martin
Tracy Mcgirt
Arooj Najmussaqib
Leslie Plummer
Riley Rackliffe
Paul Sewell
Audrey Sherwood
Linnette White
Fall 2021
Vicki Arnett
Stephanie Bowers
Sherri Cripe
Zachary Dehenes
Sally Gramelspacher
Jennifer Kawlewski
Teresa Luse
Rachel Morin
Kellie Reece
Rachel Skinner
Maggie Smith
Leslie Sondgeroth
Carole Tolley
Summer 2021
Boshra Afra
Jaimee Barr
Emily Bear
Jingqiu Chen
Sean Diaz
Todd Dinius
Angela Ewing
Marisa Exter
Kristen Fairbanks
Sandra Galloway
Amanda Gill
Lara Grauerholz-Fisher
Matthew Hannah
Adriana Harmeyer
Wanju Huang
Emily Little
Jason Reed
Sarah Reifel
James Sadler
Jennifer Sdunzik
Aridany Suarez Trujillo
Rachel Weaver
Spring 2021
Anneliese Beswick
Melissa Coghill
Melissa Geiger
Ellen Gundlach
Meryl Hansana
Jennifer Kau
Amy Klutzke
Sally Luzader
Jaylene Nichols
Carlene Quirk
Danielle Sheese
Kaylene Shepherd
Jean Shidler
Daniel Trinkle
Jeremy Wampler
Summer 2020
George Adams
Lorri Barnett
Joshua Bright
Jackie Butram
Jenalee Converse
Kelly Cunningham
Justin Gillingham
Melissa Hay-Bishop
Jennifer Ramos
Larry Sommers
Janine Sparks
Kenneth Tanemura
Melissa Taylor
Phuong Tran
Katharine Watson
Angela Welshimer
Elizabeth Wilson
Spring 2020
Teresa Balser
Terry Bean
Robin Benson
Richard Bernier
RaeLyn Boes
Bridget Bucher
Lucina Fluellen
Melissia Grant
Tracy Grimm
Randa Hodges
Kelley Kimm
Joseph M. La Lopa
Julie Lanz
Jill Lynn
Lela Mixon
Belinda Morrow
Sara Ostheimer
Jayne Price
Janeen Redman
Mary Sigman
James Tanoos
Cameron Ward
Siqing Wei
Jacey Wickenhauser
Fall 2019
Tiffany Britten
Constance Kaspar 
Stefanie Elliott
Lauren Dalton
Christy Daugherty
John Gibson
Richard Grant
Zana Griffey
Kia Hastings
Katherine Huseman
Amruta Inamdar
Shalyse Iseminger
Nicole McKinney
Lori Miller
Andrew Miller
Patricia Morgan
Jaclyn Palm
Brandi Platenga
Jessica Ramsey
Michael Russel
Monica Shively
Lacy Siefers
Suzanne Snoeberger
Janice Thomaz
Summer 2019
Linda Barlow
Donna Bertram
Brenda Breece
Kate Caward
Shu-fang Chang
Lee Hua Chiang
Cindy Sue Cory
Lindsey Crussel
John Frigo
Emjai Gregory
Shelly Hall
Patricia Herrera
Kendal Kosta-Mikel
Jennifer Montes
Robin Sipes
Amanda Smith
Jordan Smith
Shelley Straley
Jacquelyn Thomas-Miller
Kate Van Ness
Nicole Barr
Debra Bearden
Megan Bergman
Michael Bittinger
Teresa Demien
Jacie Grant
Elizabeth Karcher
Amy Ledman
Cynthia Quillen
Sally Smith
Trienna Walker
Tom Atkinson
Laura Curry
Kara Hartman
Jessica Hing
Karen Jacobsen
Holly Keckler
Heather Mayorga
Jency Thomas
Ashley York
Stacey Williams

Goals: Learning Outcomes and Evidence

Per the recommendations of the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) Transparency Framework and the NILOA Excellence in Assessment Standards, we provide the goals for each program offered through CILMAR.

75% of Worldview Workshop participants will demonstrate level three empathy and level three self-awareness as measured by the AAC&U Intercultural Knowledge and Competence VALUE Rubric as well as level two cultural diversity as measured by the AAC&U Global Learning VALUE Rubric. Evidence will be provided by the retro pre/post administration of a survey consisting of relevant parts of the Intercultural Attitudes Skills and Knowledge Short Scale (ASKS2) and Global Learning Short Scale (GLS), given in the final workshop.

Updated March 9, 2023