2023-24 Curriculum Grants

Funding Opportunities Provided by Purdue Global Partnerships & Programs (GPP) and CILMAR

Purdue Global Partnerships & Programs and the Center for Intercultural Learning, Mentorship, Assessment and Research (CILMAR) are offering funding opportunities for faculty and staff on the Purdue-West Lafayette campus that support faculty and staff in planning and facilitating intercultural learning.

  • IPG is a faculty/staff training program, required for all SAIL, VEIL and COIL grant programs. This program provides support and training in facilitating and embedding intercultural learning.
  • The VEIL Grant supports undergraduate virtual exchanges which provide international peer interaction along with intercultural learning instruction to each group of students. Requires successful completion of IPG.
  • The COIL Grant supports virtually connected undergraduate courses with international partner institutions in which each group of students are working together toward a shared goal, product, and/or outcome. Requires successful completion of IPG.
  • The SAIL Grant supports short-term study abroad and study away (i.e. in-person) programs that embed intercultural learning instruction. Requires successful completion of IPG.


Applications for IPG, COIL, and VEIL open in April. The deadline to apply for each is September 8, 2023.

Which grant program should I apply to? Follow this decision tree for assistance:


Questions about the IPG grants should be directed to Dr. Daniel Jones (dcjones@purdue.edu). Questions about COIL or VEIL grants should be directed to Dr. Andrea Thomas (thom1189@purdue.edu). Additional information on each grant program can be found below.

Note that multiple grants can and should be combined. IPG may be combined with all other grants. Faculty/staff can apply for both a study abroad (e.g., SAIL) and a virtual international learning grant (e.g., COIL or VEIL); however, COIL may not be combined with VEIL for a single program.



Updated July 27, 2023