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Study: Boosting neural pathway from gut to brain could play part in weight control

A Purdue University study found an increase in sensory nerve fibers that send signals from the gut to the brain reduces the time spent eating a meal, which could help regulate body weight.

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Cold-formed steel construction performs better than expected in seismic tests

Engineering researchers have provided the building blocks necessary for enabling performance-based design for cold-formed steel buildings, structures that have shown in shake-test experiments at the State University of New York at Buffalo to withstand seismic loading much better than previously expected.

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splitting photosynthesisSpinach could lead to alternative energy more powerful than Popeye

Spinach gave Popeye super strength, but it also holds the promise of a different power for a group of scientists: the ability to convert sunlight into a clean, efficient alternative fuel.

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chandrasekar wearDiscovery is key to metal wear in sliding parts

Researchers have discovered a previously unknown mechanism for wear in metals: a swirling, fluid-like microscopic behavior in a solid piece of metal sliding over another.

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Nees-TrexTalk focuses on ways to rebuild in quake-prone New Zealand region

Researchers studying methods to increase the resilience of structures built on earthquake-prone soils in New Zealand will discuss the methods during a national conference next week.

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soybeans MaGene discovery could lead to better soybean varieties for northern United States

Researchers from Purdue University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have discovered a soybean gene whose mutation affects plant stem growth, a finding that could lead to the development of improved soybean cultivars for the northern United States.

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